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How neztloustnout after the holidays

How neztloustnout after the holidays Since spring is bothering diets to look good in a swimsuit. In the summer you tighten regular exercise regime. And now after the holidays should all go back to normal? But no! Autumn is the ideal time to maintain weight. Neither cold nor hot - perfect weather for sports. And vegetables are currently in top form.

The main assumption, how do you keep a beautiful figure, the regularity of exercise and temperance in eating.

Just a light dinner

You do not have to pay dinner enemy, but definitely overeaten. Eat only until you zasytili hungry. If you fail, take a stroll health, cleaning apartment, take a ride on the bike - just any moving. Thanks to burn some more energy that you would otherwise sleep deposited in fat stores. Remember - it is better to wake up hungry and go to a rich breakfast buffet before falling asleep with a full belly and breakfast or nevzdychnout.

Before going to bed do not need carbohydrates that provide quick energy. Ideal food is therefore salad with lean meat, which is a highly nutritious food that will fill you up and make nutrients for the next day. Cut your vegetables, meat and fry everything together somehow Flood light yogurt dressing or hot sauce on the meat. Excellent are available from the company Spak. They have so much flavor that you in reducing the ever wish and can also be used for pasta or rice.

Try the cucumber salad with yogurt dressing, chicken and Tzatziki sauce. Cool you, fills you up nicely and still add valuable minerals without many calories.

Carbohydrates (bread, cereals, fruit), put up for breakfast. If you have a craving for dessert instead of chocolate, select cheese instead. First, you can choose the non-fat version, secondly even the boldest eat significantly less than chocolate and cheese for the third reduces acidity in the mouth, so you're doing something good not only for your character, but also for the teeth.

Continue with sport

Exercise is not just an hour in the gym - where you log in, register, pay and the command to start sweating. Expression for lunch on a half-hour brisk walk and can buy food on the way back to the office. Tomorrow go to work on foot. Do not get the two stops before output to the path you took at least half an hour brisk walk. You'll see as you begin to burn. It really works! Morning tour will start metabolism, and if you can survive three weeks to go at least five times a week and you will not be burned energy recharge donuts and other empty calories of a similar type, you are now closer to the dream figure. And without much effort. Remember that it's not sedřít to the point of exhaustion. The goal is to burn fat. This means exercise (go, run) without shortness of breath. If you can survive at least half an hour twice a day (or hour at a time), nice figure will be yours.

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