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The story of The Godfather

The story of The Godfather In our cinema is heading a new film by Czech Jaroslav Kmenta bestseller 'The Godfather Mrazek'. The story is based on real events. But because many protagonists are still alive, they changed their name Aurora. Some of the events then simplified and made clearer ..

The story of a great love .... love of money

Francis Vedral was born in Czechoslovakia during the Communist regime. He was not a gifted student, so he trained as a painter - a painter, but soon showed great talent merchant. His second love was football. The small local football stadium three friends growing up together. One of them, Strnad, soon became the commander of the local police department. Second, tiple, had the same entrepreneurial spirit as Vedral. Captain Cajthaml was a young cop who became head of Prague's anti-corruption unit. Soon Vedral appeared in his viewfinder.

Vedral for a good trade had no scruples, so be quietly destroyed the local Jewish cemetery in order to obtain a quality granite tombstones, which then selling off as a building material. Captain Cajthaml would like him arrested, but found that in this business are involved and big shots from the party, so that his boss did not dare to get involved in this case. Vedral, however, did not stop at this business. Soon he became involved in smuggling electronics from the West, such as the video player, hi-fi tower and walkmans. In return for sending the stolen antiques. Cajthaml saw his opportunity and let encircle Vedralová překladiště.Vedral but miraculously escaped - his old friend Strnad is timely discovered and exported it through the roadblocks in the trunk of a police car.

But police obtained a search warrant and found in his house illegal materials and goods, together with his accomplices, including tiple, arrested him. But again, a miracle happened and Vedral was the only one of the detainees released on parole. Cajthaml raged and met with Vedral, to tell him that after it goes on. Vedral but just laughed. The future should belong to him.

The communist regime fell and a new era began. Co. was formerly prosecuted - that is not to be employed, it has become now legal. In addition, a broad amnesty was declared on the basis Vedral cronies were released from prison. The whole crew smelled new opportunities. Vedral, it was clear that the key to success is to infiltrate the new political structures. He OF million and declared their willingness to give more. So he managed to make an impression on some of the rising political stars.

The government announced voucher privatization, in which people can buy coupons and then for them to acquire the shares previously state-owned enterprises. People do not know how to deal with the opportunities, but Vedral and his cronies did. Based hedge fund and they could not believe what happened next. People come to them voluntarily redeem their coupon books, so the fund gained immense capital. The idea of ​​course was to tunnel under the fund.

Cajthaml patiently watched Vedralová and Tiplovo actions and waiting for their mistake. One came when Vedral cashed bank loans to non-existent projects, totaling about one billion crowns. It was prepared Vedralová arrest, Cajthaml and Ota were very excited, but the day before the event was Cajthamlův colleague found dead and his death was classified as suicide. Cajthaml was shocked. Trying to figure out how to secret information about upcoming escape arrest, and to his dismay, that Vedralův longtime friend Strnad became head of the National Security Office. Vedral have managed to cripple Cajthaml, whose personal life has suffered greatly in connection with his work, resp.víceméně ceased to exist. Vedral also had to kill incorruptible journalist, who started it truthfully inform the public. The murder came down from his previous journey. He was not only a thief and swindler. A still considered Cajthaml for his powerful enemy.

CAJTHAML managed to get to his side's brave state prosecutor who believed CAJTHAML and Vedral worry. Vedral and guessed they were on the verge of its life business. They wanted to seize Setuza most important petro-chemical complex in the country. If they do that, they could control the whole country. Cajthaml revealed their dangerous plans and wanted to ask the state attorney of the arrest. Prosecutor but was found dead. What's more, Cajthaml the internal police inspections unjustly accused and investigated for illegal billing of fuel for business purposes. At that moment knew it was time to leave the police. Thus a somewhat relaxed hand. Determined to avenge his lost close colleagues. Warmed risky game in which released false information among the three cohorts: Vedral, tiple and the Strand, so I stopped believing each other and began to suspect each other of fraud. What's more, remove Vedral of the most important industrial complex has become a national security interests. Bunting as head of the NSA given this matter the task.

One chilly January evening Vedral was shot dead by a sniper wage. Cajthaml coincidentally came on the scene first, and dying Vedral thought that he was the one who got him. Cajthaml wondering who actually won. Probably he, if he survived, but he felt like everything just not a winner.

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The story of The Godfather

Story: Jaroslav Kmenta (Godfather Mrazek)
Scenario: Petr Nikolaev, Miroslav Oščatka
Premiere: 24.10 2013

Starring: Ondřej decrepit, Lukas Vaculik, Vica Kerekes, John Vondracek, Jiri Dvorak, Christopher snake, Zuzana Capkova, Andrej Hryc, Vladimir Brabec, Oldrich Vlach and more ..

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