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The forest mushrooms, but no ticks

Few of those who are to be issued in autumn forest for mushroom catches, thinks that the rainy weather proved not only fungi, but also ticks. It is precisely with the onset of autumn comes the second current peak tick season.

As in the forest to protect against ticks

If you've spent the previous part of the year without a single bite, maybe your vigilance to fall a little faded. This is wrong. Ticks in nature is still a lot, so when you head into the autumn woods, remember except basket on the measures that will protect you from dangerous infection transmitted by ticks, tick-borne encephalitis.

Take cover - the more skin hidden under clothing, the harder it may be to the tick bite. Start with the feet, as opposed to widespread superstition us ticks they jump from tree branches, but lurking in the grass and undergrowth. An expedition into the forest to lace closed and, if possible, more shoes, then wear long pants and sleeves.
Repudiate them - places on your body that you do not have indoor clothing, the mask before using tick repellents. The overlay your own scent and tick you does not register, even though he'll pass right in his face. Apply a repellent directly to clothing, never on skin that is under clothing.
Avoid hazardous areas - ticks just love damp places and sheltered from direct sunlight. Therefore, it is usually to meet a rocky road, but in the long grass and in the forest litter. Do not sit in the woods unnecessarily on the ground and for relaxation choose rather dry and sunny place.
Protect yourself reliably and consistently - even after every return from the forest make a thorough inspection of themselves and their children, a small tick can view your waking easily escape. Tick-borne encephalitis while the tick can transfer to humans almost immediately after the bite. The only truly reliable protection is such vaccination.

Vaccinations do not delay

The current vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis does not increase the risk of heavier disease course, just the opposite. It is therefore correct to immunize even in the year when the ticks are not yet active. Only it's better to choose an accelerated vaccination schedule, which allows your body creates antibodies quickly enough, and you'll sooner go into the woods to pick mushrooms without having to worry.

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