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Administration of the Šumava park offers five new areas for expeditions into the wilderness

Administration of the Šumava park offers five new areas for expeditions into the wilderness Administration of NP and PLA expands the range of places you can go for the Šumava wilderness. For the first time in the area of ​​the conservation area. Fans of Bohemian wilderness so they can report to the 12 quests that will lead to the five areas where normal tourists leg has gone before.

To learn Šumava wilderness? The menu is now 5 brand new areas in which targets overall 12 missions. The National Park and Protected Landscape Area Šumava extends the possibilities for autumn lovers so popular project - Guides wilderness. For the first time in the history of the organization, tourists can go to explore the unknown beauty of the conservation area. Expedition sets out to places where otherwise you can not get where ordinary tourists leg yet undiscovered.

"The concern of visitors Šumava National Park Sumava, but an even larger area conservation area can offer many interesting and attractive for exploring nature. We think that would be enough to propagate a proper attractiveness in its conclusion of which will benefit everyone - tourists experience the tranquility of the beautiful countryside, the local could have a direct economic benefit of the visitors to the area and due to the loss of people in some over-burdened locations of which will be benefit and protection of nature. This year offers more connection with the anniversary of the PLA round 50 years ago, "says
Jiri Manek, director of the NP and PLA.

Šumavští so adventurers can go first to know interesting landscape with unusual and challenging terrain and many protected species of plants and animals in the national nature reserve Boubínský forest, Black and Devil's Lake, White Gorge and into the two nature reserves in the western part of the Bohemian Forest - Zhůřská nesting Městišské a ravine.

"To conquer difficult terrain tourists will reward unique experience of nature, where strict rules for the protection of nature can only get a handful of people," says Josef Štemberk, supervisor of the project wizard wilderness.

Dates of new wilderness expeditions have put workers of NP and PLA in September and October, and the total capacity to 12 trips is 109 people.
"It's about walking in small groups - 5-12 people. Fee guide is therefore higher by 190-430 crowns, "explains Josef Štemberk.

Expeditions into the wilderness - especially protected and thus inaccessible to the public part of the National Park Sumava - organized by Management NP and PLA sixth year. In Sumava National Park is so limited number of serious candidates for knowledge Bohemian Forest accessed 7 the man deserted landscape. The most popular are Modravské plains, the beauty of each acquires a canyon Křemelná. As in the Bohemian botanical garden you can feel in the Vltava floodplain. For views, mountain forests candidates managed to half or Ždánidla the western Bohemian Forest and south to the mountain and Trojmezná at Smrčina.

Every year you can properly briefed about a thousand visitors to the National Park view wild face the Czech largest national park. All under the supervision of an experienced guide. "Cycle for wilderness expeditions gained great popularity and most of the spaces are occupied soon after the start of reservations. Still, the last place to go. Expeditions into the wilderness in the National Park are held until the end of October, "says Josef Štemberk.

Source: tz NP Šumava

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