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Life on Earth started because of icy comet impact

New scientific hypothesis that life on Earth originated due to the fact that billions of years ago in icy comets hit the Earth. They carry the single molecules of water, methanol and carbon dioxide. After hitting the earth of these molecules, a number of amino acids which are the building blocks of living organisms. The research results were published on 15 September at the server journal Nature Geoscience.

The first assumption that life on Earth must enter comets come from the year 2010. Then it predicted scientist Nir Goldman on the basis of computer simulations. Now, scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory managed assumption experimentally confirmed.

Scientists exposed ice mixture, similar to the composition of comets, the blast compression, similar to what might occur when striking the comet and the Earth. In a series of experiments, scientists fired projectiles into a mixture of ice typical composition of comets.

When the experiment was a mixture of various amino acids. They are essential for life and serve as the building blocks of proteins. Goldman in their computer simulations assumed that comets supplied rough building materials and impact with the Earth said enough energy to his transformation.

"The experimental results confirm our earlier prediction that the prebiotic synthesis of materials related to the comet impact, which in itself can lead to the building of living matter," says Goldman. "Our work extends the list of places in our solar system where life might actually come. "

Comets are known as a kind of carrier ice and organic precursors of amino acids. Glycine, one of the simplest amino acids, has recently been acknowledged as part of the comet Wild-second

The team also discovered that the ice with a similar composition of ice is life-giving and other places in our solar system. An example of one of Saturn's moons, Enceladus, that such ice bears. Scientists believe that it is very likely that shock quickly enough flying comet could supply enough energy for the synthesis of complex components, including amino acids. "This increases the chances that life itself has spread elsewhere in our solar system," says Goldman .


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