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Discount for financing a used car? A simple trick!

When buying a used car dealer promise significant discounts to customers who will avail of loan finance. The purchase price of the car, however, may ultimately be the same, or even higher than before the discount. Sellers, for example, AAA Auto, this trick using the so-called fee for arranging the loan.

Advertisements in the media are attracted to finance a used car through a loan. "In the event that the customer decides to finance a loan, car dealer offers him io sixty thousand crowns cheaper." Says Miloš gin, Legal Adviser Association dTest and explains: "The catch is loan contract. Provided that the buyer wants to take advantage of the discounts offered, pay for the credit agreement so high fee that is the same as the final price before discount, often even higher. On our Hotline registering cases where it was necessary to eighty thousand. "In the end, the customer really does not get any credit because the lending company he borrows the purchase price and the fee for the contract, so the repayment amount of the fee increase.

"Such behavior we consider to conflict with morality inadmissible and asked why we credit Essox as Autoleasing, which record most complaints to refrain from infringement. Otherwise, consider bringing an action, "says Miloš gin. High charge misleads consumers not only have the actual purchase of the vehicle, but also minimizes the potential benefits of early repayment. "Fee for arranging the loan providers are not refundable even if the loan is to be repaid in a month, while the Consumer Credit Act early repayment charges significantly reduced. "says Miloš gin.

Business practices on the used car market are long disappointing, of course, not only due to credit institutions, but above all by the brokers and dealers. ESSOX but imminent action too is light, her deputy dtest said that the problem will be given after the holiday.

Source: tz dTest

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