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To better erection? Put an end to tobacco

If you are looking for why quit smoking, we tip. The motivation would you need to be able to study concludes that if you give up your bad habit, you will get better, stronger and faster erection.

Research on the tricky topic

The study of American doctors in Boston were enrolled in 65 sexually active smokers who were planning to do away with smoking and were willing to let you test the research during its erection.

Men were assigned to eight-week rehab program, during which received nicotine patches (and no other drugs) and, if necessary, they were also provided psychological counseling.
Erection was tested three times - at the beginning of the study, in the middle of rehab program and one month after its completion.
On the test doctors used an instrument called plethysmograph, which measured changes circumference and hardness of the penis, while men watch porn.

Tangible results

At the end of the study successfully stopped smoking with third parties.
These were ex-smokers compared with men who returned to the cigarette, firmer erection, the penis became larger dissipation and men achieve maximum sexual arousal (but not orgasm) much faster. The improvement, however, was not evident until the gentlemen received the nicotine patch.
One fifth of participants at baseline suffered from erectile dysfunction - erectile dysfunction. At the end of the research, three quarters of these men who quit smoking with these problems nepotýkaly.

Healthy blood vessels for good sex

This research was the first to be devoted to the relationship between smoking and sexual health of men. It is known that smoking damages blood vessels and disrupts the flow of blood, which leads to erectile dysfunction. For cardiac patients who reduce risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, also improves sex life.

The erectile dysfunction probably does not only smoking itself, but also nicotine. The improvement had occurred after men stopped taking the nicotine patch.

Source: Smoking kouření.cz

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