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Children suffer eye disorders, it is because of computers and Tablets?

When the street in Singapore meet a child is likely to have on his glasses. But while in the Asian countries play a major role in genetic predisposition in developed countries is on the rise myopia without them. Probably due to the modern lifestyle.

It is short-sighted children really more than before?

Apparently, it appears that sighted people in developed countries indeed increasing, including children. It is not yet entirely clear why this is so, but many experts tend to believe that the cause is a significant change in lifestyle to which in recent years. Children spend less time outdoors running around and place the open long hours staring at the screens of various electronic devices: computers, tablets or smartphones. And while earlier glasses were mainly "privilege" of school nerds who spend too much time with books, today is short-sighted child completely normal thing.

Harmful smartphones

Many people, most commonly children today can not imagine my life without my smart phone or other electronic friend. With a relatively small display is streaming music, browsing pictures and videos, send messages, read texts and play various games. It is therefore not too surprising that quite recently published results of scientific studies, according to which smartphones are currently the main cause of the current boom of myopia among children and young people. These devices is forcing focus view of the very short distance to the relatively long time.

According to the findings of experts keeps the average user your smart phone at a distance of about 20 cm away from your face while reading newspapers or books is approximately doubled. And the more our eyes must focus on short distance, the more increases the risk of myopia. Moreover, their role is also played by time. When we dvaceticentimetrovou distance to sharpen moment with our eyes, it does nothing. If the same exercise will force a few hours a day, our eyes adjust to it eventually.

Follow the rules of healthy eyes

Scientists themselves, who in their study of the spread of smartphones accused of myopia, suggest also the way children and adults can effectively relieve your eyes. The most important thing they say is enjoy a short break from the concentrated stare at the screen, in books or monitor approximately every 20 minutes. Every 20 minutes we at least have 20 seconds to look away, gaze at the distant objects and look around. Then at least twenty times in quick succession blink, then you can go back to their activities. This "rule of twenty" We should teach our children, but it is of course useful for adults.

Less displays, more movement

In addition to regular breaks from watching a tiny screen is to prevent myopia important to try to limit the amount of time that our children spend with electronic devices. Prohibitions and commands too much we can do, but if your kids also offer alternative leisure time, it will go by itself. Parents who have their children were able to find a regular sport or other activity, be sure they know what they are talking about.

Author: MD. Helena Janíčková, expert uLékař
Source: U lékař

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