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Insurance will be more expensive again. Do you know how to change the insurance company?

The liability is expected to further price increases this year due to legislative changes. How much is it realistically reflected in its prices, according to experts, depending on each insurance company. Who wants to pay more insurance, you should know how or terminate the existing one. We bring you therefore important tips to easily change insurance companies.

Due to competition, the price of liability insurance declined years. Compensation costs of traffic accidents then by Czech Insurers' Bureau surpassed selected insurance. Insurance companies because this year has risen by compulsory insurance by an average of 3%. However, price increases may continue due to the contribution of insurance companies to fund fire, but also changes in compensation that delivers a new civil code. He is canceled tables that determine compensation pain and social impairment, and also cancels the explicit determination of the amount of compensation for death. "We can expect an increase in compensation for damage to health, the result more expensive liability insurance. This could occur, particularly in liability insurance increased prices by 10 percent or more, "explains David Tacl, director ČeskéPojištění.cz portal, which compares the supply of most insurance companies on the Czech market." People should be ready to change insurance companies if they want to have the best supply in the market. The competition does not allow all insurance more expensive fullest, "adds Tacl.

When you change insurance? Usually once a year

Classically can convert to another insurance company once a year. Car insurance is usually concluded for an indefinite period and is automatically renewed, unless either party denounces it. To an insurance contract properly completed, it is necessary that the undertaking testimony received at least six weeks before the anniversary. However, you may file a notice of termination at any time during the insurance year contract and will always terminate on the date of the end of the insurance period.

Insurance will become more expensive? You can terminate the contract immediately

In the case of more expensive liability insurance but the client has a relatively free hand. The law requires insurers to inform clients of any change in premium for the next year, at least two months before the end of the insurance period. In the event that your insurance company insurance gets more expensive, you can do one month of notification of the change to terminate the contract. The contract expires at the end of the insurance period. Favorable product then you can negotiate immediately online.

Removal from the register or change of ownership. Other ways to change insurance

The solution, how to opt out of pre-fuses can also be stored in the license plate deposits, even for one day. This step, however, due to an administrative fee shall be payable only in the event of higher savings on premiums. The insurance contract may also be terminated within two months of its conclusion without giving any reason or within three months from the claim. Termination of the insurance contract is of course also possible to change the owner. "Vehicle owners sometimes end disadvantageous insurance contract solves a fictitious sale. Such a way of changing insurance companies, people living on the edge of the Act, "warns David Tacl, director of portal ČeskéPojištění.cz. "Insurance companies have the option of dishonest attempts to terminate the agreement and check to detect. Always therefore advised to use only standard law and clearly defined procedures. In the case of more expensive insurance termination is simple, "adds Tacl.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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