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Suzi Quatro plays in Brno in the larger hall!

Suzi Quatro plays in Brno in the larger hall! Suzi Quatro - still bursting with energy doyenne rock and roll and the first frontwoman of rock history with domestic fans well understood.

A confirmation of this truth known is the fact that its October concert organizers moved to larger premises: instead Bobycentrum perform this lady with a "hanging bass damn low" in Brno Hale watery. The next larger capacity for the dense rock show Suzi Quatro scheduled for 17 Oct. provide better production-technical base.

Before the Board idol of several generations with his band, concert warm up the audience an introduction Přerovská group Ginger, who for three years of its existence, has successfully established itself on the Moravian rock scene. Among other things, won the Rock Olomouc and předskočila have another legend, the British Status Quo.

In the Brno show Suzi Quatro plays all the essential songs of her repertoire: A Girl Like Me, despite Rocking In The Free World or the Can Can, of course, the immortal Stumblin In and If You Can not Give Me Love. Onstage support their bandleaders of high-quality rock musicians including brilliant brass section, commanded by renowned British saxophonist Ray Beavis, who also appeared in the Irish Horns brass section on the legendary album London Calling The Clash. He has a studio or concert collaboration with such prominent figures such as Graham Parker, Shakin Stevens, U2, The Boomtown Rats, Rory Gallagher, Cliff Richard, Cliff and the Shadows, Elvis Costello and Phil Lynott.

"Purchasing Tickets remain valid and need not be replaced. For holders of tickets purchased will be blocked out seating in the místenkového system according to the distribution of price categories in the hall, to ensure smooth settlement of visitors concert will be present on-site hostess, "says Paul Carpenter of the organizing agency Mersey.

Suzi Quatro, Suzi Quatrocchio own name, was born on 3 6th 1950s. In childhood and youth are taught the piano and drums, and when she was 14, her father gave the first Fender Precision bass (which is still owned in 2007). His first band - Suzi Soul & The Pleasure Seekers - she and her sisters still in the same year. This girl band attended among others toured U.S. military bases, Suzi later described without sentiment, as had to wear mini-skirts and wigs, and most of the performances took place in the theater where depended more on how they look than how it plays them and sings.

In 1970, Suzi invited to England producer Mickie Most, who won her promise to support her in his career and "make a new Suzi Quatro". Previously had received an offer from the director of American Electra Records, to become "the new Janis Joplin" that would fill the gap left by the deceased legend, but it refused an interpreter. She therefore preferred his own career in the UK, which brought her success in the seventies and the number of hits: Can The Can (1973, 1st place English charts), 48 Crash (1973), Devil Gate Drive (1974, 1st place in England ), If You Can not Give Me Love (1978) or duet with Chris Norman of Smokie Stumblin'In (1979).

Suzi Quatro was the first woman in rock took over until then exclusively male dominant role in the band as a singer and musician. In principle, was the first rock frontwoman. For your pattern identified by Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders and Talking Heads legendary bassist Tina Weymouth.

Suzi Quatro appeared in many films, including in one episode detective series Dempsey and Makepeaceová or Midsomer Murders. She performed in a theater and currently moderates each week for the rock and roll show on British radio BBC 2

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