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The fight for the Oscar goes for Czech Republic film Burning Bush

The fight for the Oscar goes for Czech Republic film Burning Bush Czech Film and Television Academy (CFTA) selected as the Czech candidate for fight of the upcoming Oscars drama Burning bush director Agnieszka Holland. A film about the heroic act of student Jan Palach, who burned himself to death in January 1969 to protest against the occupation of Czechoslovakia was created by Stephen Hulík scenarios for HBO Europe and nutprodukce.

In voting Czech academics Burning Bush won among 35 Czech films overwhelmingly and will represent Czech cinematography at 86 Volume pricing Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). At other places in the poll ranked films Donšajni Menzel a Honeymoon John Hřebejk.
Oscar nominations will be announced on the 16th January next year and statues winning films will be presented at a gala evening of 2 March 2014 in Los Angeles. Prizes awarded since 1929 in various film categories are considered the most prestigious awards in the film.

For the first time in history for the Czech Republic sent to the Oscar competition film, whose director is of Czech origin. Three times winner of the Oscar nominations, the Polish director Agnieszka Holland, but has the important moments in Czech history close relationship, because during the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact troops studied at FAMU.

The story begins burning bush scene Palach's self-immolation in January 1969 and the events after its alarming crime immediately followed. The main character is a lawyer Dagmar Burešová that chooses to represent the family Palach in a hopeless litigation against the Communist deputy William New, who publicly questioned the motives of Jan Palach's act of senseless theories of cold fire.

"It is very difficult to touch the truth about the near past. Grateful I am that I have through film about Jan Palach and Dagmar Burešova to cope with a major event that is associated with my generation.'s Important to be able to deal with the communist past," says Agnieszka Holland. "After putting the burning bush at many festivals, shows that the film is understandable even for those who do not with the communist regime's own experience," says the director.

Slovak lawyer character played by actress Tatiana Pauhofová in supporting roles was played Jan Budař, Jaroslava Pokorná, Vojtech Kotek, Martin Huba, Ivan Trojan, Igor Bares or Adrian Jastraban. "Personally, I feel a burning bush selection as a candidate for the Oscars, not only as an appreciation of all who participated in the film, but especially those of which tells. Their reminder that lie and keep a straight spine is possible at any time, right now proving very timely, "says screenwriter Stephen Hulík.

Burning bush originated as a three-part television series for HBO, and his short film version was premiered in Czech cinemas in September this year. Given that this is an exceptional case, the selected film still awaits assessment committee for the American Academy Foreign Language Film. It must confirm that the film fulfills the conditions laid down for this category. Czech Academy included the film version of burning bush to vote on the basis of the opinion of lawyers, it is a new work, and there was no breach of the rule that the film may not be prior to cinemas on television or on the Internet. The American Film Academy in each case issued a decision in advance whether the film meets the requirements of the category, her representatives confirmed, however, that in the event of a negative decision by the Commission for the Czech Republic could be nominated film, which placed second in the order.

Oscar statuette recently traveled to the Czech Republic in 1997 for the film Kolya, among the five nominated films Czech fought his last film in 2004, thanks to the image Želary. The last awards the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film took Austrian director Michael Haneke for his film Love.

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