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Stain removers stain resistance will not help

The magazine tested eight dTest stain removers and concluded that none of the tested products is not far from what it promises. Stains in most cases better remove the detergent itself. The only remover took home a satisfactory rating, a rating of "enough, all others have failed completely.

Stain removers, which in commercial stride with the stain of any origin, have compared the effects of quality detergent little to offer.

Magazine dTest tested products from reputable brands and private, but unfortunately not convinced that its purchase worthwhile. Top powder fell Vanish Oxy Action Extra Hygiene, with a rating of "satisfactory" (46%) but it is a relative victory.

Tested the effects removers seventeen spots of different origin. The biggest difficulty rated products made ​​greasy stains. Pigment stains, such as from blood or chocolate, even some strippers contrary fixated in the fabric. Neither staining of plant origin that work best bleach could not compete removers quality washing powder.

With regard to the acquisition costs can be concluded that the purchase of stain removers generally not profitable, not to mention the unnecessary chemicals that pollute the environment. "Efficient and cheaper than relying on miraculous universal means to address each of the spots according to their origin and properties of fabrics that polluted. Mostly help higher temperature, longer wash cycle, or use good resources - such as gall soap grease, "adds the test Ondřej Janoska magazine dTest.

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