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Villach: 3 mountains and a new thermal spa

The center of attention in the news about winter sports region Villach are usually three mountains in the neighborhood, Gerlitzen Alpe, Dreiländereck and Dobratsch, just last winter was different! At that time, the surrounding mountains is completely overshadowed by the new thermal spa KärntenTherme in Warmbad-Villach, opened in July 2012.

Fun, Fit & Spa in Warmbad-Villach

Cranes, trucks and construction workers are gone, and in the spa district of Villach Warmbad them remained magnificent work: the site of the old water park and hotel Karawankenhof grew up completely new spa. External and internal appearance of the spa KärntenTherme dominated by caves, cliffs, rock crevices and stalactites, which are a reflection of the surrounding mountain world. The spa complex organic shapes and consciously contrasts hotel building with straight lines, clear style and high window walls.

Three thermal zones. Focusing new spa complex is reflected in the motto spa KärntenTherme "Fun, Fit & Spa" (Fun, fitness and relaxation), cited in the title. In the entertainment area with a total area of ​​1.140 m2 will get their lovers waves and slides. It is for them to run water attractions Crazy River, a unique two tube slides and a wide wavy slide. And let's not forget the twenty-five swimming pool, thermal whirlpool and outdoor pool.
Attractions "Energy Cube", developed by leading experts on human health and the doctors, combines five effective methods: light to boost the immune system, aromatherapy for inner serenity, music and suggestive therapy for relaxation and deep heat to relax muscle spasms.

60 km ski slopes of Alpe Gerlitzen

Gerlitzen Alpe, with 60 kilometers of slopes is the largest ski area in the region of Villach. Today, it goes without saying that all slopes can be, if necessary, snow guns. Rarity, however, is that there are also built cooling towers in which the water cools Pede that snow could start much earlier than elsewhere. Twelve of webcams located throughout the ski area currently sends to the network images in HD quality, so skiers can make a true picture of the snow conditions and current weather conditions.
A new parking lot is in Annenheim at the valley station Kanzelbahn where now fits other 165 cars in addition. At points of entry to the ski area - in Annenheim, Klösterle and vrholu - is now the 3,500 available parking spaces.

Vitamin D obratsch

It sounds probably exaggerated, but a trip to Dobratsch is actually vitamin for the soul, which is evident in the statistics weather: during November to January was the Dobratsch registered in 45 days of sunshine. This mountain is therefore the most mountainous areas in Austria, where the sun smiles from the sky to the most skiers.

In places where a few years ago were skiing, was a natural park that has become synonymous with environmentally friendly tourism. Follow the road Villacher Alpenstraße can be reached only by car to a place called Rosstratten at an altitude of 1732 meters. From there, visitors can get off relatively easy walk to the top of Dobratsch, which rises to a height of 2,166 meters.

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