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Farmers in Haiti will produce and sell peanut butter and corn Cham cham-

In Haiti, ADRA has been operating since 2010, when a powerful earthquake struck the country. After immediate help after the disaster, ADRA began to promote the development of agriculture for local residents is the main source of livelihood.

At the end of July 2013 ADRA has successfully completed the project by allocating grants to four newly formed cooperatives to enable them to start a business. However, there colleagues from ADRA Haiti provide all team support through consultation and supervision, also check that businesses operate under the agreement.

Mr. Bertha is vice president of one of the small agricultural cooperatives in Petit Goave in Haiti ADRA helped to establish. Bertha was also attended courses on which the farmers were trained in business, accounting and marketing usage for sale.

Mr. Bertha, what is your business deals in Haiti?

Are stored maize and peanuts, from which we will then make a peanut butter and our traditional corn product Cham-Cham (Cham-Cham is milled roasted corn supplemented with peanuts, cinnamon, ginger, sugar and a little salt).

Why did you choose to do business just peanuts and corn?
We have more corn than we can normally consume so we surpluses from farmers to purchase from our community, and help the whole area. Processing of corn and peanuts we sell. We plan to organize tasting events and advertising on the radio and on television. Train the "mobile" retailer, who will go on the market and our products offer small small shops.

How do you help ADRA in business?

ADRA has trained us to grow different crops in business fundamentals, how to keep accounts and how to venture further care. We expect that all this will have a positive impact on our community, to gain prestige and earnings.

What gives you a business person?
I'm happy because we all dream come true. But now we have to work hard to make us vanish again. I am very glad that I can help my community.

What would you like in the future?

I hope that our team will continue to grow. Depending on how we develop, we will supply the market with more and more products - modify Cham-Cham, add different flavors, dried fruits and in the future we would like to prefer the jam, juice and cassava.

How ADRA supports agriculture in Haiti

On 4 training farms in Haiti was 184 agricultural training, which was attended by 800 farmers.
Thanks to the cooperation with ADRA local farmers harvest in the region increased by 30%.
, Several small agricultural cooperatives, and each of them chose agricultural activity (eg goats, maize, etc.)
Representatives of the teams have been trained in the basics of business management and accounting.
Each team received financial support to farmers to start their own business.

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