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Obesity in children: it literally killed them

While in the Czech Republic are overweight every seventh child in America is already one in five. Catch up on time the Americans in their unflattering indicators or early understand that obesity, and the more obesity in children, contributing to the creation of many very serious disease?

Future military patients

Experts louder warn that the obese children grow up in a few years not only obese, but especially ill adults who will suffer from a number of diseases associated with obesity. These diseases today's small tlouštíkům not only cause a number of inconveniences, but often also considerably shorten life, much like smoking. Doctors warn that obesity in children increases the risk of health problems such as these:
elevated cholesterol,
high blood pressure
cardiovascular disease at a young age,
bone disease and musculoskeletal system,
skin problems such as zapařeniny, yeast infections or acne.

To Czech public has the risk of childhood obesity as the most visible, in 2011 was the first time declared, the day of the fight against childhood obesity.

Is your child overweight? The worst thing is to stand idly

No parent would certainly not stand to look at how the baby is hungry or suffer from an illness without help him. Nevertheless, overweight or obesity in their children, many parents or buck passing stands by claim that being overweight is hereditary in their family and can not do anything about it. This is not true. You can always do something, especially when we note that obesity threatens our children to health and life as well as starvation or disease.

8 steps you can take to reduce your overweight child

At least once a week as a family take physical activity. This may mean a visit to the swimming pool, hike or perhaps work together in the garden, such as raking leaves.
Limit time spent watching television and computers. Determine a time limit, but do not forget to offer a suitable alternative leisure activities such as hobby group.
Sweet lemonade enable only rarely. Certainly children are overweight do not use to eat or do not let them loose in the fridge to drink during the day.
Keep an eye on getting enough sleep. According to experts, the higher the risk of obesity in children who do not sleep enough.
Keep an eye on breakfast. Skipping breakfast leads to weight gain and overweight problems. The children also leads to fatigue in school and lower academic results.
Eat together. If a child is overweight, it's a problem for the whole family and family meals helps to solve this problem. Recently at a family dinner you can see to the right amount and composition of the diet.
Promote healthy svačení. Snack during the day is not bad in itself, on the other hand. It should, however, consist mainly of fruits and vegetables, and its coverage should not exceed 100 calories.
Educate your children. Explain to your children a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, they obviously have to go alone example. If you are overweight themselves, show them that you are trying to establish themselves even positive changes in eating habits.

Focus on health, not weight

Whether you decide to introduce any rules to combat obesity, remember that your child must be a meaningful change and not only incomprehensible "torture". When you constantly prohibit a way "that you can not, you're fat", you probably will not be your offspring enthusiastically cooperate. It is always important to offer a better option (healthy but tasty snack instead of chocolate, physical game instead of sitting around watching TV) and emphasize its benefits to health. On obesity your child never wasted not point.

Source: U lékař
Author: MD. Helena Janíčková, expert uLékař

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