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The first lady of television Kamila Moučková the theater scene Švandovo

The first lady of television Kamila Moučková the theater scene Švandovo The first guest next season Scene Selection interviews, live talk show on stage Švandovo theater, will be held on Wednesday 9 October 19 hours longstanding "first lady of television" presenter Kamila Moučková.

"After Vera Čáslavská and Martha Kubišová terms of completing the trio of" strong women whose professional lives are intertwined with the history of the former Czechoslovakia, and which at the same time bravely faced tragedies in their personal lives, "said presenter and editor David Hrbek, whose stage interviews recently celebrated Ten years of successful existence.

Kamila Moučková was the first announcer, which in August 1968 from the screen of the former state television announced the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact troops. On the day of the arrival of foreign armies 21st August was broadcast throughout the day until the time when he brought out from the studio armed Soviet soldiers. David Hrbek but i will ask for a present that is for Kamila icing of the many ways no less exciting: the vicissitudes of professional and personal but carries with grace, humor and , which has decided to share with the audience. "I'm happy and life not blame you," he says firmly woman who loves red and black (preferably with silver-gray) and, after being fired from the TV to find her friend a beautiful face as applying only cleaner, shop assistant or gluing paper bags.

The 27th Nov. continue Scenic calls special work, dedicated to comedy Who's the director?. The going in Svandovo theater had two hundred reprise. The spectator hit, a phenomenon which this production has become, and not about how tested comedy, David Hrbek will talk with the actors Michal Long, Kamil Halbichem, actress Christine Frejovou and director Daniel Hrbek.

Kamila Moučková

8th April 1928 was born in Jihlava, where she graduated from high school.
After school he briefly played in a theater in Teplice and in Jihlava. The first man, actor Milos Willig, after less than two years, divorced and married medical student Joseph meal. Later, he was her life long partner of actor George Zahajský.
7 years (1949-1956) worked as an announcer Cs. radio, then switched to the CS. television, where she became a newscaster and presenter of news programs.
From 1 January 1957 was the first announcer newly formed Television News.
In 1969, fired her from television. She could not find a job, sold, cleaned, sticking bags.
She became a signatory of Charter 77
After the revolution he returned to CST THU later, his show was also on the private radio station.
12th April 2008 was inducted into the Hall of Fame TýTý.
Is the winner of Arnost Lustig in 2012.
In 1996 he wrote and published together with Vlastimil Jezek book "called her lioness", Petra Braun, four years later, the book "I'm not a lioness."
Red and black. Preferably in combination with silver-gray! Such colors and combinations loves.
Even today perceive hockey Czech and Russian representation as a sport, but a political issue.
He has three children, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

David Hrbek

David Hrbek (* 1968 in Olomouc) studied Czech and English at the Philosophical Faculty of Palacky University.
Seven years teaching at a secondary school in Olomouc since 2000 working in Olomouc Museum of Art as a lecturer in animation.
Since May 2003, moderated by talk show Stage talks in Prague Švandovo Theatre, from February 2011, in Olomouc Talkshow David Hrbek.
He has been collaborating with composer Tomas Hanzlik, for which he wrote the librettos for operas and three small full-length opera libretto for the musical The Labyrinth of Passion, in which she performed as a guest Sonia Red, among others.
He is the author of four books. Three of them are book discussions: Vavra Šumný (interview
David Vavra), all the bet (twelve selected transcripts of interviews from the show Stage talks in Svandovo Theatre), sometimes paradise (great interview with photographer Robert Vano). In the fall of 2010, he published autobiographical book of short stories Twenty shining gems. In mid-October will be released under the name SMIC his next book interview, this time with former football representative Vladimir Smicer.
Occasionally publishes interviews Reflex, Annex Friday LN and Xantypa.

Source: tz
Photo to tz: Czech Television Archive

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