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Help your exercise back pain

The basis of health is to stay physically active. Regular and diverse movement will help relieve the pain and stiffness of the back and body, strengthen muscles, burn calories, improve mood and reduce the risk of some serious diseases. We have a couple of exercises that you can do yourself at home.


Slouch when sitting? If so, your lower back and upper back muscles are overloaded, while the pectoral muscles gradually weaken. It brings back pain and neck. A simple stretching can make better and get your body back into balance.

How pecs

Pectoral muscles attach the arm to the body and use it for example when pushing a shopping cart or hugging your child. Strengthen them in the gym on special machines (called "bench") or traditional handles. The relief from pain but also just a simple extension that can be done anywhere and anytime.
Stand up straight or sit in a chair with a low backrest. Hands bend at the elbows so that your palms are facing the side of the shoulders. Their position resembles the letter W. Shoulders yet to be released. When you exercise, push your elbows behind him to the arms get as far as possible. Count to three and relax.
Stand in the door with your feet at shoulder level and slightly bend your knees. Brace palms on the frame and shift your weight forward. You will feel your chest muscles stretch. Moreover, with this type of exercise with stretching and front shoulder muscles.

If your back but so stiff and sore that is hard to imagine any motion, make an appointment with a physiotherapist or rather a rehabilitation physician to exercise that works best for you.

Source: Rheumatic

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