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Best sports gossamer - Keep the format after the holidays

Best sports gossamer - Keep the format after the holidays Ever, surpassing oneself than in Indian summer. I do not come off the heat, but while the days are still warm and long. The ideal time for running. Unfortunately each regular sport represents one-sided body burden. The most affected include the knees and ankles. It is essential to always load properly prepared and do not underestimate any pain.

Stretching in nature

Never forget the proper stretching before and after exercising. Remember, do not strain only when running legs. Remember therefore not to stretch your back, arms (especially the shoulder joint) and also the head. And nothing will not change the fact that you experienced athletes will need to argue the opposite. He speaks of them just laziness. Drawn and months of painful muscle you for those few minutes of stretching really worth it. Even before that, but warm up brisk walking or light during both the tendons and blood circulation heats. And then up to stretching. The great thing is that in the spring to enjoy the outdoor tools such as a tree, bench or railing without letting them congealed hands. After the run is again enjoying the final stretch and you can even add a few clicks, sklapovaček or assaults. After aerobic exercise is the most effective strengthening.

Remember that in sports such as running, nordic walking or skating alone do not strain your feet. Remember therefore not to stretch your back, arms (especially the shoulder joint) and also the head.

Beware of accidents

If you still despite proper stretching will stretch a muscle or joint bruise, do not workout, but try to get home as carefully and injured place appropriate medicine. Try Dolgit. It is available freely salable in the form of a cream or gel cool. Heals painful and inflammatory conditions of the musculoskeletal system. Anyway, before use, carefully read the package leaflet. Grease the incriminated place a thin layer, let soak, then astringent gauze bandage and enjoy peace of mind. But if pain or swelling after a few days or persists, consider seeing a doctor. In the head office, in any case, if the leg can not stand up for the pain.

Perfect for fall sports

Running - great when it burns calories and evenly strengthens and enhances the body - without incurring large visible muscle
In-line skating - burdened joints and enjoy the speed of movement
Wheel - ideal as a complementary sport on weekends when you have enough time for longer rides
Nordic walking - for lovers of excursions, walks and also for the enemies of sweat and a high rate during sports. Thanks to the poles burden evenly all muscle groups.

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