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Eggnoise: the holy quartet of John Hřebejk new album "4"

Eggnoise: the holy quartet of John Hřebejk new album "4" Swan song, at least as it appeared Eggnoise band music for film Saint John of four Hřebejk. Songs from the film, including the theme song, but on the contrary, became the basis for the new album and the band Eggnoise, which two years ago was interrupted concert activity, returns to the stage with a new album.

The record bears the simple name 4 a reference to the film in addition to the four Holy is the order of the next ordinary album. The songs of the film following a track on the album sounds not only English, but also Czech, which in songs Eggnoise was last mentioned on the first album.

Eggnoise are copyright composer duo project Ondra lancet and Andrew Galuška a musical group moving on the Czech scene for almost twenty years. The fourth album is a mix of new songs and songs that were included in the film. The recording is not the soundtrack, but a classic masterpiece in the discography of the band.

Ondřejská duo is copyrighted signed by all the songs on the album and even though the album is shorter footage, audiences will get everything on Eggnoise love and even a few surprises. The sound board is characterized by abundant use of double bass (Jaryn Janek) and acoustic instruments and vocals with sensitive work. Nonetheless, there are exceptions dating back to the sounds of synthesizers and electronic loops. The film was shot in several top studios, but also at home on simple equipment. Ondřej Galuška reveals the selection criteria. "Core networks has always been the atmosphere rather than perfection in sound recordings and eventually underwent ten songs." They mixed and mastered by Mishan Pajdiak (Alvik) guests on the album are Lenka Dusilová, Emil Frátrik and Bharata Rajnošek. The graphic design of the album cover was provided by members themselves Eggnoise. It is therefore a certain return to the aesthetics of the plate Albumen and magic of spontaneous creativity and inimitability of the manuscript.

And as if the album 4 is really not a posthumous memorial, are also planned concerts. As it currently stands Eggnoise pedals can be heard at a special concert for the album's release 22.11. Old bakery in Brno and 26.11. Palac Akropolis in Prague with the participation of distinguished guests.

Eggnoise e s move to the Czech scene for almost twenty years. Their debut album, WHAT A WORLD earned an Academy Award nomination in the category of popular music, jazz / blues. For his plate albumen Eggnoise received three nominations at the biggest independent music world prices Just Plain Folks 2009 Music Awards. In 2010, performed Eggnoise the joint program with the Lenka Dusilová. In 2012 created the original soundtrack for the movie St. John of four Hřebejk.

Interview Eggnoise (Andrew Galuška)

Eggnoise The band was founded twenty years ago, so if two years ago you decided to quit, it did not sound like a rash decision. Return a bit as out of the blue. How so?
You know, two years ago we said only that the band ends in its current form, and we suspended concert activity. Already at that time, but we knew that we would work on the soundtrack to the film as the Four Holy Eggnoise. From the second album (Albumen) is actually Eggnoise began to transform from a classic band on the creative work of two Ondra. Our composer's vision and the desire to constantly evolve not completely compatible with the democratic functioning of the band. Perhaps we will never be able to function as a normal band, but we're enjoying what we create.

The fourth tier board or rather soundtrack?
It is true that some songs like Something or Trouble arose as a direct inspiration for the film, even one might say that his comment (and we are very grateful to Jan Hrebejk that we took the space in the film). However, the film, we chose only the songs, which we believe to be equal partners with others on the board. A new acquisitions are so strong that this board can honestly be described as a follower of our studio albums.

How did you get to work with director Hřebejk?

On it there are several theories. My version is that when I was a VIP event at the festival in Karlovy Vary gave Jan a hand to our board Albumen, you probably thought that I was someone important, so I listened to the album instead threw it straight in the trash. Since then, we demonstrated loyalty and our music has been used in two films.

After so many years in the Czech club scene, what are your ambitions?

That ambition probably never leave it to the younger, we are pleased that we got the opportunity to work with some of the best (and nejulítlejších) musicians in the country and the people who appreciate our music, do not do so because we ran a currently popular style. Until enthusiasts will find what you invite us into the clubs would refuse a good opportunity to play.

Are you planning to tour next year?

Of the current concert of the band (covering two Ondra Michal Nosek, jaryn Janka and Jana Mizlera) we have great joy and think of autumn concerts will not be enough to have exhausted its potential. I therefore next year will be some gigs.

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