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At the Bohemian Forest are two new observation tower

Exclusive views of Trojmezí and the countryside around the upper Vltava will have tourists from the newly opened sightseeing places in Czech Žleby and Plešné Lake. These are other tourist attractions that tourists at the end of the season Management has prepared NP and PLA. Ever since last year is similar to the prospect of Montenegro at the spring of the Vltava River, the second was inaugurated in the spring near Srní.

The third and fourth observation tower with a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside opened the second October 2013 National Park and Protected Landscape Area. One is the Trojmezím extinct in the Bohemian village of Stone Head near the Czech Žleby and another on a stone in the sea Plešné lake.

"Big Mountain Stozec with impressive views of the rock framed left. In Cold Vltava valley is scattered over the slopes of the picturesque village Stozec. Horizon closes the crest of the highest mountains across from the Bohemian Forest Třístoličník after Plechý (1,378 m) and followed by the massif Smrčiny. For clear visibility, which is just in the fall, you could see the 130 km distant Alps, "says
Josef Štemberk, Head of Marketing Administration NP Šumava region surrounding the prospects standing near Czech Deep.

An interesting view of the sea from the Stone Plešné at the lake. "In general Vltavická furrow is off Želnavské hills with dominant Princely See (1,236 m) and from there look down and the top of the Lipno, which starts at New Furnaces," adds Štemberk.
The first view is from last year on Black Mountain near Modravy. Another was opened in spring on Green Mountain near Srní. People often run due to Šumava local unrepeatable mountainous landscape. "With that, we expect, so we try to stay in the Bohemian countryside more enjoyable and diversify. After opening the prospect of Montenegro, we promised to be more. A promise that we gave lovers of Sumava, we want to continue to do, "says Jiri Manek, director of the NP and PLA.

All the lookout tower workers left the NP and PLA produced from wood that was originally useless rot in the Šumava forests. "Wood we used for the benefit of tourists šumavských. Administration of NP and PLA in addition to conservation is also responsible for promoting friendly and close to nature tourism. The construction costs are minimal, but the benefit, enjoyment and experiences that it brings tourists are priceless, "says director Mánek.

The prospect Stone head:
The prospect will find tourists on the trail of the Gold Trail leading from Czech Žleby to the border with Bavaria (yellow trail), about 1.5 km from Czech Deep. Here everyone can conveniently park and also before the start of the refresh. Those who want to enjoy a longer route, they can still go towards the beautiful mountain or across the border to Bavaria should be up to 10 kilometers away Haidel observation tower that offers different views, of course, back to the Czech Republic to the east.

The prospect Stone Sea:
This prospect is located less than a mile from Plešné lake where you can go deer Vrchů or New Furnaces. According to a new prospect to come either on the return journey or path to the lake. The prospect is located in the pedestrian green tourist route in the middle of the Stone Sea, which goes towards the crossroads U beech. After a few stairs you climb over boulders covered with glacial moraine mountain pine and above will open countryside views Vltavická furrows.

Source: tz NP Š
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