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Dental hygiene is not fashionable, but need

Preventive examinations are one of the cornerstones of good oral care. It certainly does not mean that the oral care ends.

Along with regular dental check-ups should be complete two to three times a year and dental hygiene. Idea that treatment from a professional dental hygienist is the only achievement of the time, which is trying to squeeze our wallets by dentists is not in place.

First, it is important to realize that dental hygiene is not cosmetic surgery and beauty. It is a treatment process that removes the causes inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and periodontitis. The objection that our ancestors did not need such a procedure, but that is true, but it can refute the argument about health and the quality of the people involved teeth. Even today are exceptional cases in which a person loses all his teeth around the fiftieth year. And all this mainly as a result of untreated gingivitis and periodontitis follow.

In addition, each medical field is still evolving and coming new method, which seeks to improve the quality of life and treat previously incurable diseases. Dentistry is no exception.

Dental hygiene: what awaits you step by step

If you are afraid volunteered to sit in the dentist's chair and an hour there to stay, then you should know that this fear is only out of ignorance procedures. If you go to a dental hygiene for the first time, then you may find some actions will not be completely enjoyable, but you will not really feel pain.

Interview - Dental hygiene starts with a short interview with a professional hygienist. He'll ask how and what you brush your teeth, whether you go for regular checkups to your dentist or if you have some painful problems.

Inspection of the oral cavity - Then it may occur alone performance. The objectification of oral hygiene indexes are used in bleeding gums. Healthy gums do not bleed. Since oral hygienist looking really carefully, you may come across on any blemishes and can recommend a visit to the dentist.

Brushing teeth - and coming very clean teeth. It is necessary to remove all naddásňový tartar, which is most often found on the back of the lower front teeth. This stone has almost every one of us. This is followed by sandblasting (known as air flow) when using very fine sand removes remnants of tartar and especially pigmentation on teeth caused by food or smoking. The next step is removed and poddásňový stone, which is also part of the treatment of periodontitis. In the case of diagnosis of periodontitis is but appropriate to consult the status of a dentist, which provides an accurate treatment process.

Mentoring or just brush enough - part of dental hygiene is also a detailed briefing proper tooth brushing techniques. "Thorough home care is one of the fundamental requirements for healthy teeth and gums. Often I meet people who are very surprised that their teeth and gums are not in good condition, while the teeth are cleaned regularly. In this case, it is most likely to blame their poor dental cleaning, "says MD. Adam Sima of Dental Clinic Jan Stuchlík. It is also important to note that the toothbrush and toothpaste alone is not enough. The tooth has five facets that need to be cleaned. It is therefore necessary to also use interdental brushes and dental floss. Now insufficiently clean between the teeth is a common cause of gum disease. Hygienist or doctor will advise you on the toothbrush you use, and what is important, advises you which varieties of interdental brushes are suitable for you. And do not be surprised if you leave with several sizes of brushes for cleaning mezizubí. Few such a lucky guy, he has all the interdental spaces of the same size.

Inspection Visit - The last step is the inspection visit to the hygienists individually specified time. The specialist will make sure that you have mastered the technique of brushing so that your daily oral hygiene as effectively as possible. Optionally, do reinstruktáž proper care of teeth and gums.

Author: MD. Jan Stuchlík expert uLékař
Dentist specializing in implantology, tissue regeneration and aesthetic dentistry. He holds several foreign qualifications among others DGI - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantology and a member of several professional societies (Czech Dental Chamber, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantology and others). As a physician, he worked at several private clinics, now has its own dental clinic.

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