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Hazardous boxes of children's toys still on sale!

Magazine dTest found that despite repeated prohibition of sale issued by COI are still on the market plastic boxes for toys that children represent a serious risk of suffocation.

In August CTIA again revealed the sale of three types of plastic storage boxes for toys whose sale and distribution were in 2009 because of hazards prohibited. Despite repeated prohibition on sale now dTest magazine found these plastic boxes on sale at 14 Czech e-shops, including other variants of these products on the hazards previously warned. Its findings will inform dTest Czech Trade Inspection and encourages consumers to report other places selling any of these types of dangerous pits.

It was first banned the sale of these boxes Czech Trade Inspectorate already in 2009. The box they came with preschool age children, which would ensure the lid second child from the outside, not able to get the bins without assistance. In that case, the child not only threatened nervous breakdown, but also dehydration, overheating of the body, shock, and in the worst case even suffocation due to lack of oxygen in a confined space. The products have been reported in the alert system RAPEX information and records is also dTest magazine in its database.

We strongly recommend that the danger of these products for children and urge consumers who find them anywhere on sale, to inform the dTest e-mail [email protected]
Make sure that you are buying safe products in the database dtest

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