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DPD supports the Firefly eleventh year

On 9 to 11 September you could become a firefly in more than 300 Czech and Moravian towns. Took place for the 11th annual nationwide charity collection titled "IN SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER Fireflies", organized by the Czech Radio Foundation. DPD also supported this collection and its couriers distributed the gifts to schools throughout the Czech Republic.

In this year's fundraising event involving over 6,000 active volunteers in the streets of the city to sell Lightning Fly antennae, bracelets, pins, magnets, bookmarks and other collector's items. Just delivery and subsequent collection of gifts is directed by DPD. Couriers transport items for volunteers in various schools throughout the Czech Republic. This year accounted for shipments of several tons of material.

DPD year supported the Firefly and other projects. One of these is charity night run for the Firefly across Stromovkou evening when together 3 or 5 kilometer route went blind runners and athletes with their tracers. Another unique project is the Dark Cafe, which offers a remarkable combination of experience supporting a good cause. Visitors can at least for a little while to experience what it is to live and work in complete darkness. DPD annually provides for both events transporting materials and equipment.

"We are really pleased that we can actively get involved and help Světluška where it is not needed. Every year, the Firefly also supports more and more employees who contribute by purchasing the collection. Long-term cooperation with Firefly really appreciate, as well as the possibility of helping the blind, "said Daniel Mares, CEO of DPD CZ.

Firefly can support all year, and by contributing to the account of "ten nines" 99999 99999/0100 or by sending an SMS with the donor DMS SVETLUSKA to 87 777 Annual support to send SMS DMS ROK SVETLUSKA and every month you will be automatically debited 30 CZK, Firefly will receive 27 CZK. More information on You can also become Světluščím volunteer or come to one of the many charity events.

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