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What changes will the new Civil Code of consumers?

From 1 January 2014 will come into effect the new Civil Code, in an impressive 3081 Sections adjusted substantial part of the problems of civil and commercial law. The changes will also make the rights of consumers. Association dTest therefore launching an information campaign, which has major changes to clarify Czech consumers.

Five parts, heads and seventeen seventy-three parts - the biggest change in civil and commercial law in Czech history is truly impressive. Handily outperforms its scope any prescription that with us when paid and left many life situations that new code did not address.
The new Civil Code, for what is usually an abbreviation NOZ, among other things, wants to protect the weaker party, which is often the consumer. With the new legislation related not only to the introduction of many new concepts, but also other changes in which may not be easy to find your way.

"The best protection is for each consumer primarily knowledge of its own rights and obligations," says legal consultant dtest, Miloš gin. "Coming therefore dtest informational brochure to help consumers adjust to the new bearings. On our website, we also launched a continuous series of informational articles, and in detail, we will also focus on the new regulation over the next year in the journal dTest. Specific questions and solve problems with consumers already in our clinic on line 299 149 009 "

New legislation is on the principles of justice and freedom, while also counts with the fact that each person has their mind, they can be used and is reasonably careful. The new law assumes that everyone acts honestly and in good faith, dishonesty negotiations will have to prove. Under the new legislation, we should consider any act more valid than invalid, which prevent evasion of obligations due to minor mistakes, coincidences and misunderstandings.

The series of articles that focus on the individual gradually changes, see the link below now / NOZ

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