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Winter tire test 2013

DTest magazine tested 32 sets of winter tires in two sizes harsh conditions of mountain terrain. Although the quality of winter "tires" since the last test generally increased test revealed some tires for safe driving in winter is not recommended in any case.

Magazine dTest tested in cooperation with foreign partners, winter tires of size 185/60 R15 and 225/45 R17. In both categories received the best overall rating tires Continental ContiWinterContact TS850. In second place among the larger set of Dunlop tires placed Winterresponse 2, then the smaller Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32 S. All these models have received above-average ratings when driving on wet and dry roads, snow and ice.

Also in this test, however, found a tire whose security is at least debatable. "In any case, we can not recommend The seventeen tires Sailun Ice Blazer WSL-2, which had the worst grip in the wet and in the tests completely failed," warns Václav Beneš magazine dTest and adds: "Among patnáctipalcovými models have failed us Marangoni 4 Winter tires E + s longest stopping distance and completely unsatisfactory driving characteristics on wet surfaces. Such tires can no longer be considered a safe option."

One of the key criteria in selecting terrain tires, a driver most moving, the tires are very few truly universal. The differences can be found in the wear rate, the length of braking distance or driving on different surfaces. "In any case, we recommend a set of tires replaced at least every four years, regardless of the intensity of use or the height of the tread. After this period marks the beginning of material aging and changes its properties, "says Václav Beneš." Caution should be taken especially when buying new tires on the internet where you can not personally check the age by serial number, called DOT. "

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