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Sujono Chowdhori already studying at a boarding school

Sujono is 14 years old, going into eighth grade, loves cricket and one day would like to become an engineer or open a grocery store in his native village. Children like him are hundreds of thousands in Bangladesh, some of them have the opportunity to go to school, get an education and fulfill it in the future their children's dreams.

Sujono brought to the village school Bisherkandi in 2006, his uncle, in the early years, the boy learned to read, write, count and mastered the basics of English. Today is the Sujono Degu, attends boarding school KMMS and hopes to be able to complete the twelfth grade and get a high school education, without which it is difficult to find skilled in Bangladesh work. His favorite subjects are math and Bengali.

Sujono in 2008Když Sujono we met for the first time in 2008 (see video story: We go to school ... thank you! ), he was a fearless nine-year old boy, competed with friends jumping off a bridge, he could climb the palm tree, went to the local village school and lived with his five-member family in a house made of sheet metal. Over the last six years, a lot has changed. Sujono grown up and grown up, now lives and studies in a boarding school KMMS where children and young people learn among other practical skills. Sujono first helped out in the school cafeteria, but because they had experience with repair of engines, currently, along with a few older students worry about maintenance of water pumps, which are used among other things to irrigate school fields.

Sujono parents and his older brother never went to school. All are therefore pleased that Sujono as one can read and write, and I also hope that when he graduates, families will be able to provide. Sujono himself appreciates the chance he gets walking to school: "I am very happy that I can go from the first grade in school. I want to graduate so I can get a good job, help your family and take care of their parents. "

Near the village Bisherkandi, where approximately 700 families live, not in addition to several small private schools, no state school and Sujono can learn only through long-term financial support of donors from Prague, boys who pays tuition and accommodation at boarding school KMMS. Here, in addition Sujono studying for another 580 children and young people, nearly half of which supports the organization ADRA Czech Republic within the addressable donation program BanglaKids. At the same time, the school also organizes two support projects aimed at enhancing the health of children and the ability of schools to be less dependent on external assistance. In cooperation with ADRA Bangladesh in 2011 completed construction of the plant, which filters water from a nearby pond and provides adequate amounts of drinking water for all the children, teachers and school staff. Through the second project of the School of cow's milk to children! won the school year ten dairy cows, which means a regular supply of milk and help it diversify and improve students' diet.

"Education plays a key role in the promotion of economically developing countries. Children as Sujono have in adulthood much better opportunities than their parents, who never went to school, come out of the vicious circle of poverty and find a qualified job. Investment in education is not only an investment in the fate of the individual, but for the future of the whole of Bangladesh, "sums
up the philosophy of the program coordinator BanglaKids Jarmila Szkutová.

Source: tz ADRA

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