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Crash: How to look after the fall of the shoes to keep their feet dry

Fall is here and with it comes the chilly and rainy weather. Water, mud and first frosts fully test the quality of our shoes and her strength and let's face it, the number of shoes that fail the test. In doing so, cracks, leaks and destruction bot can be easily avoided. Just pay the right shoes autumn care, and increase the chance that your favorite pair will be able to safely put on and the spring season.

Impregnation: Help in the fight against the rain

Impregnation acts as a protective shield for your shoes. After applying the impregnation improves durability of the shoe against the ingress of water droplets. The word "improve" in this case is appropriate because it always depends on what kind of material impregnation Apply. If impregnate canvas sneakers, impregnation essentially clogging the pores in the fabric. In the case of skin that is not so porous impregnation material formed on the protective film that improves footwear already very good resistance against humidity leather shoes. In addition to the water-repellent impregnation shield acts as a protection against dirt and road salt, which boots very harmful. Impregnation of a shoe that is ia prolong its life, and can even simplify cleaning.

Selection and use of impregnation Easy

Impregnation can be purchased in the form of sprays, creams or waxes. Each species has its own specifics. The main role in the selection of materials plays for which it is intended impregnation. "For shoes with smooth leather is suitable impregnating creams or waxes that nourishes the skin and increases its resistance to water at the same time. Suede and nubuck turn require impregnation spray other types of impregnation would invalidate this sensitive material, "says Jolana Nemcova Moleda from the company that manufactures footwear brand Prestige. Caution must give u painted shoes, which is very sensitive to water, frost or mechanical stress and rough handling tends to crack. For occasional wear lakovkám impregnation indulge in the form of wax and cream. Textile Footwear contrary impregnate spray, however remember that despite the impregnation when worn in the rain due to its characteristics very likely these shoes get wet.

Shoe Cleaning: Tips and Tricks

If you want to impregnate shoes, it is always necessary before treatment properly dried and cleaned. The dirty and wet impregnation shoe is poorly fit, and therefore will not have any sense of its application. In the case of cleaning and drying of shoes is again necessary to consider the material from which the shoe is sewn. Textiles and synthetics best clean sponge and soapy water. Smooth skin after cleansing as a bonus treat yourself after cleaning cream that nourishes and revives it its color. "Suede and nubuck contrary clean dry brush or a special crepe rubber, which removes dirt without water and without blackmail hair. After cleaning, suede and nubuck never nekrémujte, but straight at them, apply several layers of special impregnation, "says Nemcova.

Drying shoes greatly extend its life

When drying shoe pays important rules whose observance significantly extend the life of your shoes. "When shoes get wet, it greatly reduces the external and internal abrasion resistance," says commercial director of the company Moleda. Wet shoes must submit another shod fully dry out, which can take several days. "When you fitted with the insufficient drying a wet shoe, basically it unconsciously and completely destroy very quickly," says Nemcova. To make you shoes lasted a long time without defects, it is recommended in case of rainy weather rotate at least two pairs of shoes. Drying shoes just overnight is usually enough. Substitution shoe is obviously necessary even in the case of sweating.

Dry, but not to violate! How to properly dry wet shoes

If your shoes allows, first you must remove the wet sock and shoe laces, which must be dried separately. Laces can be cleaned by washing, the insole is necessary to have a completely dry and treat it with antibacterial spray, eliminating odor and the risk of mold. "Boots definitely not dry in heating or other strong sources of heat, as they could due to thermal shock and rapid changes in humidity crack a change shape. Ideal for first rescue really soaked shoes is padded with old newspapers, which themselves sucked into the initial moisture, "says Jolana Nemcova. Newspaper or toilet paper but leave the shoes for a long time and no more than two hours to remove it so that wet shoes to breathe. Once the shoes slightly dried out, you can insert it into the turnbuckle, which makes you especially leather boot also keeps its original shape after drying. After drying, treat the inside of the shoe antibacterial spray.

Regular impregnating shoes is an investment

Regular impregnation protects your shoes before by wetting. If you have shoes to get wet autumn, correct drying them last longer. Impregnation is the same as the correct handling a good investment. Especially in autumn and winter boots do not worry impregnated twice a month. When a spray treatment is recommended to be applied to the footwear the two layers in creams, wax layer one will suffice.

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