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Allergies to pigeons? Indeed there is!

It sounds a bit strange, but yes, it's possible. And we do not mean the fact that these birds a lot of people do not like. Hypersensitivity to the pigeons really exists, but not that much different from other common allergies.

Why originate?

SUMMARY As with other allergy-based "exaggerated" reaction from the human immune system. Appears usually after human contact with feathers, skin or feces of pigeons. This moment is self-triggering factor of an allergic reaction. Then begins the human immune system to produce increasingly called immunoglobulin E and subsequently histamine, which is responsible for most unpleasant allergic symptoms.

A concrete manifestation of hypersensitivity to the pigeons?

Runny nose, and itchy, watery eyes and eye irritation, including swelling and cracked eye veins; feeling sore throat can be a chronic pain, coughing, sneezing, breathing difficulties, skin problems such as redness, itching etc.

What takes and when

As with any allergy to animals is the best measure of prevention. So to avoid contact with pigeons. Where this is not possible, treatment is chosen according to the severity of allergic reactions.
When mild symptoms can be selected counter antihistamines in the dosage form, which meet the most affected by the current symptoms. On the market there are a number of eye drops, nasal sprays, or topical products (creams, ointments, etc.).
If allergy symptoms persist or become severe, your doctor will prescribe a patient of products for asthma, such as inhaled beta-agonists, drugs to facilitate breathing or inhaled corticosteroids.
Another therapeutic option oral corticosteroids, especially suitable for symptoms resembling asthma or severe cutaneous allergic reactions.
For life-threatening conditions are subject to change drugs administered by injection.
When chronicity offers the possibility of desensitization therapy, i.e. deliberate administration of small doses of the allergen to the patient for continuous strengthening the immune system.

Allergy to pigeon is distressing disease, but basically a similar course and treatment as the other better known allergies. The best method of prevention of allergy is to avoid contact with the allergen, a pigeon, or at least limit the contact to a minimum.

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