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How to turn rhinitis: try recipes of our grandmothers and the latest trends

Rhinitis Although from a medical point of view seems trivial disease, but in real life, perhaps nothing otravnějšího. Make-up soggy handkerchief from food that due to congestion, lost all appetite and always ridiculously open mouth - and these symptoms invade us at any time, and several times a year. Defend against them impossible. Or do you?

The common cold is spread through the air and hands

Cold (if you do not mind allergic rhinitis) causing viruses, which are so diverse and so fast-moving that it is virtually impossible to them to develop a vaccine. Even though vaccination against the common cold should the market definitely a huge success in the foreseeable future is certainly confess. Live cold virus is commonly found in the air, which gets in blowing and sneezing. Also nasal secretions of infected humans contains a number of viable virus, which extended just a little offense against personal hygiene. Speeches rhymes may sometimes have a different, non-infectious cause. If you want to know what caused your symptoms, take a simple test .

Why rhinitis "loved" the cold weather

Rhinitis and cold at all, although appearing more frequently in the colder months, in fact with him but not really related. It is true that the cold and damp can weaken a person, so it is more prone to infection. In winter we spend more time in closed rooms, a virus and has convenient conditions for its spread.

Ten ways to turn rhinitis

Experts Although you may say that there is no cure colds and regardless of your efforts always takes a week or seven days. But this time learned the heads disbelieve, there are a number of ways from the unpleasant symptoms of rhinitis alleviate, mitigate its progression or prevent further complications. Ten effective actions against colds might look like this:

Drink plenty of fluids. Omit but coffee, strong black tea and other beverages with caffeine. Good hydration protects the organism before further infection and helps him cope with the current. Caffeinated beverages but nehydratují, but on the contrary drain body. The same goes for alcohol.
Have a hot broth. Cup of hot chicken broth is empowering and rising steam beautifully releases and concrete stuffy nose. It is a council of the times of our grandmothers, but if you have some time, take him prepare high-quality domestic stock and send them yourself or your loved ones.
Bet on the herbal mixture against the cold. Ideal blend of herbs is purchased directly against colds - infusion should then be hot (hot steam relaxes the nose and sinus) and served with lemon and honey. If you require neholdujete herbs and black tea, do not do it too strong, because it not good for hydration.
Close to the bathroom. Whether hot steam makes your congestion, well, you do not have to cook constantly new teas and broths. When you close the door sufficiently small bathroom and you drop a hot shower, you will create a great atmosphere that will do well your nose and sore cavities.
Očesnekujte your life. Garlic might work against vampires, but they certainly works against viruses and bacteria. A couple of cloves of garlic also adds extra flavor shapeless mass, in which, thanks to a blocked nose turned into food on your plate.
With nasal drops care. Nasal drops containing the so-called decongestants (substances decreasing nasal congestion and improving throughput nose) you may momentarily relieve unpleasant symptoms. However, if you take longer than three to five days, may paradoxically feeling of nasal congestion worse.
Flush your nose with saline. Brine can easily make at home, but it is more convenient to buy in a pharmacy such as nasal spray containing sea salt. It not only helps to reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa, but also removes part of the dirt and microorganisms in the nasal mucosa taken root. Saline spray or nasal lavage can be used long term without any fear of side effects.
Treat yourself to a mega-doses of vitamin C. Although not all experts believe that vitamin C may have on the course of colds any, effect, increased intake of fresh fruits and vegetables will certainly not hurt. If you have enough vitamins guaranteed, you can rarely rely on vitamin preparations from the pharmacy.
Lubricate your nose. Fever, runny nose and handkerchief irritate our skin, making it red around the nose and sore. Lubricate the nose periodically Ointments, for example, containing chamomile and peppermint.
Contribute to when it goes. Runny nose and runny nose are very annoying especially at night when preventing free breathing and sometimes even sleep. Lack of sleep, however, clearly weakens our immune system, so if possible, try to relax during the day.

It is possible that the cold bothers you a long time or suffer from its symptoms often and repeatedly. In such cases it is best to see a doctor or problems to consult with an expert, at least at first on-line. For professional advice use the Internet counseling .

The most important advice at the end: how not to get cold at all

The most important advice is a bit cruel, but effective: consistently avoiding any infected. If it really is not possible, at least follow the following rules:
Wash your hands frequently.
Do not get into the hands of a subject, which touched an infected person.
Often ventilate.
Neoslabujte wasted your immune system:
do not smoke, drink greater amounts of alcohol and follow a healthy diet.

If you want a fever and treatment options to learn much more, visit .

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