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The devastating truth about cigars: they are as dangerous as cigarettes!

Cigar, symbol of indulgence and luxury. Many people appear to be their smoking as sophisticated and less dangerous than cigarette consumption. But the opposite is true - the cigar boldly compete with other forms of tobacco harm to health of smokers and people around them.

You get used quickly

Are cigars as addictive as cigarettes? Yes, the smoke may develop an addiction to nicotine within a few weeks. The reason is simple: cigar contains more nicotine than a cigarette. Big cigar tobacco content is comparable to a pack of cigarettes, then the smaller one with a few cigarettes.

Cancer risk is real

Regular cigar smoking causes of tumor development particularly in the following areas: lip, oral cavity, esophagus, larynx, lungs.

Studies have shown that smokers Cigar 4 × to 10 × more likely to die of cancer of the oral cavity, esophagus and larynx than nonsmokers. The risk of tumor growth in these areas is not random - cigar smoke rightly nešlukuje, most smoke and get into the lungs and remain in contact with the upper airways and oral cavity. Nowadays they are very popular cigar size cigarettes, which šlukují and worth the enormous risk of developing lung cancer.

Other health effects

Cigarette smoking is known for its impact on the lungs and cardiovascular system. The same risk applies to cigar smokers, although not as pronounced. Nevertheless, it may cause:
lung diseases - chronic bronchitis, emphysema,
heart disease,

The increased incidence of lung diseases related mainly to the expansion of smoking already mentioned, small cigars, which directly harm šlukují and lower airways.

Damage in a wide area

Because cigars contain more tobacco than cigarettes and usually longer burning, releases large amounts of exhaled smoke. The dangers of passive smoking is comparable to cigarette smoke, but in the case of cigars in the exhaled smoke is much more harmful nitrosamines, nitrogen oxides, ammonia, carbon monoxide and tar. Cigars and its contents are certainly more harmful than cigarettes and in the long run more damaging to human health. However, if you sin only on special occasions, the risk versus daily smoking cigarettes negligible.

Source: Quitting kouření.cz

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