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When martens winter ...

It is a known fact that when it cools, martens penetrate into the engine compartment just parked cars, where it heats. But not only tear the lining of thermal insulation and překousávají cables. In the coming cold days So watch out for them! But how to defend?

Given that martens can not spend or snap traps, it is possible to discourage this activity only. And it works. Guaranteed and tested recipe is hooked into the engine compartment stocking or sock piled up wad of cat hair, or drizzle with insulating lining of citrus oil to aromalamp. You can also coat the cables scented liquid soap. There is also a special spray against martens, which is more expensive, but again, keep dostříkne.

According to the testimony of colleagues is effective to place the car where it's parked, the engine compartment band called rabbit tissue. This is annoying šelmím nožkám, so they coming into the engine. Indeed, this measure works against rats.

In another experience, again verified by farmers, it is good to entering into rats outhouses and stables defend by building walls backfill smaller boulders. Also, it's apparently able discouraged.

On the one hand, it is good when you get used to living with wild animals, but some of his close really worth it, martens see or rats. Kuny, while some just can not pass on the disease, such as rabies, our country is free, but rats risks are many, especially among other terms such as leptospirosis.

Author: Josef Duben, printing. spokesman SVS
Source: SVS tz

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