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Are you planning a kitchen? We will help with ergonomics

In what room do you spend with your family or partner most of the time? In the kitchen. Therefore, this room should be not only comfortable, but also practical. Compliance with certain ergonomic principles will in many ways make a living. What would you therefore in arranging kitchen you think?

1) The primary thing is to think about how much I want and I can invest in the kitchen.
What is my budget, what are my options. From that everything unfolds.

2) The space plan your kitchen - the size and shape.
Larger kitchens are almost no limitations, it is difficult with kitchenettes in garsonkách or smaller apartments (50-70 m2), it is necessary to think through every detail. "In smaller spaces are fighting for every inch, so it is good to get some appliances 2v1 - such a device in which you can cook classic and boiling in water, which is very popular today. You have to try to tune everything, arranging kitchen is quite challenging, for that a lot of thought, "says Chef Radek Šubrt within the opening of a new kitchen studio Datart.

3) Think of electrical wiring, gas, water and waste.
Are you planning an appliance that requires a water supply? Refrigerators with ice maker and filtered water, steam ovens, etc. Solve a forward, if you adjust all these essentials kitchen design, on the contrary, you want to build a kitchen based on the location of these components. "So before you go into the kitchen studio, you know what you have technical capabilities in the kitchen - where the waste is, what is the distribution of electricity, where the drawers, which have power, etc. "

4) Watch the energy labels for appliances.
Indicate energy consumption, such as the consumption of electricity, water, noise, etc. With this information, you save a couple hundred a month - lower consumption have the same performance.

5) Do not forget the noise of appliances

An important criterion in the selection of the appliance should be sound intensity, which is issued. For kitchen appliances it is doubly true because the kitchen is people like her tend to congregate or connected with the living room. "Reducing the noise by just three decibels actually mean reduction of noise by half. Keep this in mind as you choose a new assistant - as leading dishwashers already at work not exceed 40 dB. "

6) Utilize the window.

"Daylight you must light the work, so it can be a disadvantage if the kitchen island because of the shield. We do not recommend or give the box cooker because some of the surrounding fat and not sink because of the water, because waiting for you. "

7) Do not be afraid of kitchen corners.

They are great to use for things that you use once in a while, such as a pressure cooker. Save space in the drawers.

8) stove and oven.
Today is a modern place the oven up. However, if you have used the oven under the stove, it certainly can not go wrong. "Concerning the oven, now you no longer have to worry about the cleaning. They contain pyrolysis, ie the system, who will clean the oven, because of the high temperatures that burn debris dust.
If you have small children or pets, there is no burn them if you have an induction cooker. Focus can also perform sheet - the latest types do not have sharp edges and also have a special coating on the surface, so you do not need during baking baking paper. "

9) The distance between the appliances.
Consumers should ideally be spaced 30 cm. This will result as the stove and refrigerator standstill much needed space.

10) Think of drawers.

Determine how high you want the drawers. Think what do you want them to save, what you have is, how high is your dishes, etc. Ideal drawers with travel - they can be beautifully close, they are comfortable.

11) Hood
Hood to place a sufficient height to about it yourself.

12) What kind of kitchen worktop?

Kitchen countertops offers a wealth of materials, from wood to stainless steel over stone, depending on your preferences. "For example, the stone is very expensive, but they can take anything. Wood is again difficult to maintain, but pleasant to the touch. Pressed board inexpensive, can be replaced after a few years, the stainless steel is again practical. "

13) Flexible opening the door.

Do not worry if you selected appliance is opening the door on the opposite side than you prefer. Today, almost all appliances flexible solutions and standard kitchen studios should be to throw the door on the side of your choice for free.

14) How to work with a refrigerator.
Built-in refrigerator had not trendy today, many manufacturers offer a variety of "the refrigerator" designs. "But the important thing is to divide the space in the fridge for each zone. At the bottom is the coldest month, so would there be to store meat and fish. Conversely, the upper space in the refrigerator include fruit and vegetables. "

Keep in mind that there are certain ergonomic, but it's always about space and finances of each of us. It is always better to consult with professionals who help us with our idea of ​​the kitchen help.
"Experts in kitchen studios will not only draw free kitchen, but complement it with appliances according to your parameters. And if you live in an apartment where you save every inch is not a problem to wish to build kitchen cabinets need a washing machine. If you do not themselves know how to arrange kitchen, advise you, for example, new kitchen studio Datart, where you will also find themselves at the same time complete kitchen cooking equipment, "says chef Radek Šubrt.

Author: Sarka Pelcová

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