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Gender selection: ethics versus parents' wishes?

As in many other European countries, the Czech Republic, sex selection in assisted reproduction is prohibited and is considered extremely unacceptable. In Britain, however, some ethicists are beginning to speak otherwise.

Without fluctuations

Many of these experts argue that allowing people during assisted reproductive techniques to choose whether they want a boy or a girl, would not that be unethical not have. During his research found that when the possibility of sex selection by a country like the UK, there was no imbalance, as could be the case in other countries. For example, in India and China by the gender imbalance could actually occur, since there are popular boys than girls. Such stereotype but in Europe there.

Everyone has their reasons

People who prefer their child in a gender-specific to usually have their own very personal reasons.
They are often linked with a family situation or the past.
Since artificial insemination and other assisted reproduction techniques, these very strongly felt preferences fulfilled, it is necessary to ask why the desire to have a girl or a boy so bad that it prohibits parents.
Examples are mothers who have many children, and I really want to have a daughter, which could greatly affect their lives. Why are these people who can actually suffer, not help, if we can.

It's not a home, it will go elsewhere

In countries where there is a similar law, the choice of sex generally allowed only on medical indication, since some diseases typically affect only a specific gender. Example is the Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which affects only boys. However, not all countries in the world have the same legislation. Some British therefore choice even travel across the ocean - the United States - or to distant India, where it is possible to choose the sex of the baby is enabled. Unfortunately there their paths often are heading for abortions because of fetal sex.

The influence of sex of the embryo to read more on our video.

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