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The fight for the Oscar will go eventually Donšajni Jiri Menzel

The fight for the Oscar will go eventually Donšajni Jiri Menzel When the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the complete list of films for best foreign film, it was clear that the Czech Republic will eventually represent Donšajni film director Jiri Menzel, who ended up voting in Czech academics in second place.

As announced by the Czech Film and Television Academy (CFTA) when notifying the Czech representative, if not film Burning Bush by the American Academy adopted after careful consideration, may be nominated for the Czech Republic, another film.
The director Jiří Menzel already won one Oscar statuette was in 1968 for the film Closely Watched Trains. Oscar nominations for 2013 will be announced on the 16th January next year and statues of the winning films will be forwarded at the gala evening of 2 March 2014.

Jiří Menzel after seven years returned to the big screen with licentious comedy about passion for life, music and women. Comedy Donšajni exposes viewers to the world of opera stripped of tinsel and tells the story of love and disappointment, about music and love and lifelong affection for opera singer. All this hyperbole and humor typical of Menzel's films.

The director is the first time in his career also wrote the theme and screenplay that worked with him Tereza Brdečková. The main characters of the opera director Vitek, teachers Margarita and world-renowned singer James portray Jan Hartl, Libuse Šafránková and Martin Huba. In other roles appear Ivana Chýlková, Václav Copts, Emma Smetana, Eva Josefíková or Vaclav Jilek. His last film role in the Donšajnech enjoyed Jirina Jirásková.

Opera set in a small town chooses to present Mozart's Don Giovanni. Director Vitek by Jan Hartl says that he does not like opera, and that all the large pieces do without intelligent action. Yet for the upcoming performance invites the famous American singer James, who in local theater once started.

"This is Don Juan, more philanderer I knew. Besides myself, of course, "says
James Vitek. Two Donšajni in one city, their past and present adventures, women with a passion for life and peculiar set of leading children's face Libuse Šafránková. The fate of many of the protagonists is interesting clash and result in a happy marriage eventually.

The film has been long awaited as a womanizer, but director Jiří Menzel finally decided to go back to the very original working title Donšajni. "Both names are almost synomem. I just felt that the name womanizer by people looking for more vulgarity than the film contains, "Menzel explains the name change." Donšajn, it is such a womanizer with grace. "

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