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Marketers on Facebook circumvents the law

Buying on social networks should be conducted under the same rules as buying a classic e-shop. The trader must inform the client of his rights and to respect legal provisions, such as the ability to return goods without giving any reason. The practice often looks different vendors and use the ignorance of customers to circumvent the law.

"On the Hotline dtest 299149009 encounter with the traders refused to recognize the customer's right to return goods without giving a reason within the statutory period of 14 days from delivery, with justification, that they are not e-commerce business. Sometimes it even does not have sufficient contact information, and customer thus reducing the possibility of communication or returning goods, "explains Head of the Legal Advisory dtest Luke Green and adds:" Some of these "dealers" do not even have a trade license - simply purchases the goods and then send them for a fee customer in violation additionally Trade Act. "

The provisions of the Civil Code concerning distance contracts applies to every entrepreneur who offers her a sufficiently concrete reaches the consumer (potential buyers) using any of the means of distance communication. Internet means that in each case, and it is immaterial whether the trader has their own website or use social networking platforms (Facebook) or auction portal (eg Aukro). It is essential that the entrepreneur offers goods of certain parameters on the consumer's request and responds by sending the ordered goods. There is therefore no doubt that the contract of sale was once the seller has received the consumer's order. "We avoid buying from traders who own on Facebook explicitly states that are not e-commerce business, or does not provide the information required by law or by clear and verifiable contact information , "warns Luke Green.

If a consumer happens that when returning the goods meet with a similar procedure has several options how to defend themselves. Failure to report establishes the consumer the right to withdraw from a distance contract even within 3 months of receipt of the goods and request a refund including postage. If despite all efforts fail to agree with the dealer and get the money back, we send him pre-trial challenge to meet its statutory obligations under the threat of court action. If you suspect that the dealer does not have a valid business license, you can also file a motion Licensing Office.

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