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What was this year's tick season?

Warm part of the year is behind us and with it the season of ticks and the diseases that ticks carry. Although accurate statistics on how many cases of tick-borne encephalitis with us this year appeared, we have to wait, we can already do a little looking back.

Ticks year was not idle - at the turn of April and May of this year, the media began to disseminate warning messages that ticks are already very active. Doctors also began to encourage more vaccinations as soon as possible, all those who did not use him cold winter.

Disease reported mainly northern Moravia
- about most frequently and loudly sounding a warning against ticks infected during the season of the Moravian-Silesian Region. Doctors from this part of the country have reported over the previous year a significant increase in cases of tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease.

From northern Moravia also comes about most curious case this tick season
- the case of the logger from Krnov, in which doctors from Opava hospital had to remove more than one hundred ticks once. The massive onslaught of ticks, some of which were infected man survived, fortunately without long-term consequences.

Ticks and patients will probably be more than last year - according to the doctors and epidemiologists throughout the year, it can be assumed that infected ticks, as well as infected people will be even more this year than last year. On the other hand, the final conclusion will confirm the overall statistics, which will be known only in January next year.

Insurance companies prompted the vaccination
- also this year launched the General Health Insurance Company Action "One dose free ', within which offers its clients a substantial discount on vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis. Even most other insurers, but let the shame and vaccination against serious diseases carried by ticks provide its clients with a financial contribution. And as you can see from this interim summary: anyone who took a post against klíšťovce to let vaccinated on time, certainly well done.

However, if you have not found this time to complete or restore vaccination klíšťovce for themselves and their children, of course, there is nothing lost. Most insurance companies still offer benefits irrespective of the fact that tick season is already coming to an end. Additionally, if you undergo vaccination in advance right now, you'll have the next day to enjoy the first spring without worrying about ticks and malicious infection that you carry.

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