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Changing of winter tires again at the last minute

Changing of winter tires again at the last minute A large proportion of motorists annually delays přezutí winter tires. According to experts, can unnecessarily complicate life - risking not only because the front tire repair shop, but also potential problems with traffic police. In the event of an accident then also reduce the premiums.

By law, winter tires are mandatory for all cars since the first November if there is winter weather. In the game, of course, is not just a threat of a fine, but also safety.

"According to statistics, sales and reservations tire repair shop is seen that most drivers to purchase winter tires procrastinating and begin new tires pick up in the second half of October. Sales of winter tires is significantly increased only now, a fivefold compared to the average, "said
James Proud, CEO of e-shop Acquisition of winter tires according to him, does not pay any longer. Some of the desired types at the turn of October and November may not be in stock, although dealers are supplied in advance. Unpleasant also crush the tire, which occur every year just before winter.

Road Traffic Act specifically states that winter tires are mandatory from 1 November 31 March if the road is covered with snow, ice or frost. The same obligation applies in a situation where "can be due to weather conditions assume" that snow and frost strikes only during driving. Winter tires have a tread depth of at least 4 mm, for vehicles heavier than 3.5 tonnes then even 6 mm. For safe driving it is necessary to consider these values ​​actually a bare minimum.

As of November police catches drivers on summer tires in freezing weather, this probably avoid a fine. "It's not just a few hundred crowns or penalties, but also for the safety of drivers, passengers and all other road users. Winter driving on summer tires, according to experts and experienced drivers unnecessary gamble, especially given the ongoing reconstruction of the highway D1 and many other roads, "said James proudly.

The type and condition of tires are rightly interested in not only police officers, but also insurance for all winter accidents. If the insurance company finds out that the driver was not properly changing shoes or tread depth did not correspond to the specified standards, can significantly reduce the performance of liability insurance and accident insurance.

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