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Sleep tight. Heart to appreciate

Good night's sleep easily complete all the benefits and support that you have your heart indulged themselves during the day through exercise and healthy diet. To all my habits of healthy lifestyle You should add at least seven hours of rest per day.

Insomnia is a risk

Extensive studies that examined the impact of various aspects of lifestyle on the risk of cardiovascular disease, attended by more than six thousand men and nearly eight thousand women aged 20-65 years. On average, each participant was monitored for a period of twelve years. Studies among other things, to detect the extent to which they contribute individual components of a healthy lifestyle for the health of our heart and vascular circulation. And what research has revealed, for example?
While regular physical activity reduces the risk of fatal heart attacks by 26%, smoking and insufficient sleep this danger "collide" both by 43%.
So if you are robbing your body of sleep increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, just as you would more taste of cigarette smoke.
Lack of sleep while not associate with a higher possibility of heart attack or stroke, but also increases the likelihood of obesity and possibly diabetes.

The need for sleep is an individual

Although the researchers in their study identified a sufficient period of at least seven hours of sleep a day, just give yourself that this figure may not apply to everyone. Although such a long sleep is enough for most people, there will always be individuals who need less rest, more or vice versa. An important factor for our health is whether a person feel rested in the morning. Therefore, even if you sleep less than seven hours a day, but the next morning you wake up refreshed and you easily, you probably do not have to worry about any damaging to your heart.


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