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Problematic skin: In the autumn bet on herbs

Upcoming fall brings, in addition to shortening days and gloomy moods also worsening skin. Changes in the weather suffer the most problematic skin that is affected as acne, psoriasis or atopic eczema. In this article we give you some tips to help your skin cope naturally with the arrival of autumn.

Do not believe in miracles while you wait

For normal, combination and oily skin hydration is key. Chilly mornings tend to result in dry skin, which is therefore necessary to restore the original water content. However, if the temperature is around 0 ° C and below, hydrate only with care to avoid damaging the skin rather. Then it is rather necessary to supply skin with necessary nutrients. In such a case, reach for products containing vitamins and minerals. If your skin bothers a medical problem, you can try help from nature. "Treatment of skin problems is a long-term affair. Do not expect results overnight, but be patient. The basis of the cleansing of the entire body, because skin problems stem from imbalances arising within the body. For detoxification recommend especially couch grass, birch and ash, is also suitable nasturtium, wild garlic and grapefruit seed, "says Jarmila Podhorná of company Hope, which offers herbal remedies to alleviate problems with the skin. It is also important to support the activities of the pancreas, which controls the operation of the mucous membranes and odplísňuje organism, and it penízovkou a walnut.

Psoriasis begins in the liver

One of the most common skin disease psoriasis. The cause of this autoimmune disease has yet to be successfully detected. Chronic psoriasis unfortunately is still not fully healed, it is only possible to alleviate its symptoms. These are in addition to the arrival of autumn often dramatically worse because the patient lacks sunlight. The natural resources in the case of psoriasis can reach juniper and ash. It is advisable to use the regeneration of the skin and blend Burdock Burdock, Smilax, clover and Sisak called Psorisan. Autumn is also suitable lime, which also positively affects the feelings of fear and anxiety. Overall, you should focus on strengthening the administrative activities of the liver and gall bladder, which helps milk thistle, couch grass and birch. Their ability to clean the body of waste products reflects the quality of the skin. Internal use herbs to improve psoriasis is appropriate to add combating ointment of several herbs, which is the main component kalisie, or using a bath for skin regeneration.

Grapefruit for pimples

Although acne speaks primarily in connection with adolescents, often troubling and of many adults. Compared to the summer, when it becomes so affected skin temporarily improves acne comes back to the autumn. Can deemed to the gradual depletion of solar radiation and partly our fading tan that pimples better masks. To fight acne, however, nature offers us many a effective weapon. Even in this case, the entire process starts inside the body, namely the purification of blood. This is useful, for example penízovka, dandelion, nettle and clover. Bacteria that may contribute to the formation of acne can mitigate nasturtium, inflammatory conditions alders. For external use is also recommended čtyřkvětá ointment without, which also heal non-healing wounds. You can add and oil from grapefruit seeds, which is a good fight acne.

Fragrant bath of couch grass and burdock

Autumn also exacerbates problems with atopic eczema, which are a tenth of the population suffers from Czech Republic. Against him, I can fight the natural way. To improve ekzematických problems should be aware of the essence. Another approach would be guided by the following points:
1) Clean the body from the mold and support the pancreas penízovkou.
2) Support the activities of liver milk thistle, marigold or juniper.
3) Lift-allergic component in the body gemmoterapeutikem blackcurrant and forest elder hroznatého.
4) to cleanse the bowels - there you can use green clay or Enterosgel.

"Improving eczema often occurs after use of black currant, snowball and rosemary. The problem also helps to dampen the mixture elderberry, plantain, calendula and coltsfoot. For external use is suitable burdock oil, Psorikalis and čtyřkvětová mast. In children, it is advisable to add baths extracts of herbs that contain slimy substance, "says Jarmila Podhorná the company hopes to offer tinctures of herbs and buds, whose use is very easy." Are a good complement and natural baths in the composition of couch grass, burdock , tea tree, eucalyptus and nasturtium, which purify the skin, "says Podhorná.

Author: Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná

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