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Ema Destinnová - Vita Somnium Breve

Ema Destinnová - Vita Somnium Breve Creed probably the most famous Czech opera star Emy Destinnové Vita Somnium Breve (Life is a dream short) brings multimedia exhibition that presents an extraordinary private life and professional singer.

The exhibition is held under the auspices auspices Karel Schwarzenberg and Deputy Mayor Václav Novotný from the 5th 11th 1 12th 2013.
Visitors will see about 100 large-format photographs covered LightJet technology and videopasáže the music documentary "The solitude of my soul ...".

Preface to the exhibition Ema Destinnová

Czech nation abounds two groups of people. The first one is in historically turbulent Central Europe always learn to live in any situation to situation curses and most powerful in the pub and nods. Groups of species, rather individuals, anti-establishment pořádkům storm, risking freedom, career and sometimes life. The second group unquestionably belongs Ema Destinnová. Loved his country above all else, she was willing to sacrifice almost anything, including a stellar career opera singer. The world of the rich and powerful stood by her in second place behind the world Bohemians Prague and ordinary people. Inadvertently their behavior ahead of the world for decades. Tolerance, generosity of differences, freedom of otherness, these are some of the key pillars for the existence of a society where people are free.

Life and career Emy Destinnové refers to the character of our society more than it seems at first glance. In how many countries in the world roughly refuse talent, who then director of the National Theatre had to know at first listen? Sometimes I wonder how many talents we smallness of some of today's powerful wasted? Emu Destinn we squander it. Where the home failed, he joined the world who returned home a big star. Even sadder is that even that was no reason to help and awards after World War II.

Ema Destinnová worth of compassion and pity. Most of it are going to do when you think the social context of her life think about ourselves.

Authors Preface: Karel Schwarzenberg

Report on energy, great talent, stellar career, ingratitude and sad end

Emilie Pavlina Kittlová was born at midnight between 26 and 28 February 1878 in Katherine Street No.5 in Prague.
Already in his early youth was full of energy. His mischief and wild temperament soon became known far and wide. Kittlová The wild girl went to the nerves kdekomu, recalled once Jaroslav Kvapil. Most suffered by the mother, who was by nature fragile and had to worry about running large households. Advocacy little Emilka the contrary found in the Father Emmanuel, after which obviously restless nature inherited.

Five years the girl's father told Army bandleader Nechvílemu who taught her to play the violin. Military authority to Emilko apparently prevailed. In eight years, became a student of Professor Ferdinand Lechner and father have dreamed up a stellar career of a young violinist. In fourteen years, Dr. Lechner recognized genius singing talent Emanuelovy daughters. A major turning point came when a young girl she attended hour private singing with Marie Loewe-Destin. The future stardom equally contributed subsequent studies in drama school at the National Theatre excellent teacher Otylie Sklenářová-Small.

Despite the undeniable talent and personal charm in emotional areas based Miss Kittlová empty. She was bossy, love took as entertainment. That it backfired quite soon. Filled with Mussetovo "On no Badine pas avec l'amour". When you really fall in love with the son of Karlin secondary school janitor Henry goldenseal, the relationship ended in failure and the young Emilko it affected his whole life. Even tried to commit suicide. Another life carambola had that "mere" resignation.

Attempts singing career in Prague ended in a fiasco. He did not want to believe that the director of the National Theatre Šubert not recognize the talent of young adepts. In his harsh rejection rather expectant revenge, regardless of the consequences. Similarly poignant was her attempt in Dresden. It was crucial that both carambola young Emilko dissuaded. After a chance meeting in Carlsbad with pianist Emil Sauer went straight into the musical heart of the former opera in Berlin. Neither there are still spared unpleasant episode. In the atmosphere of the three failures, loss of mother and ruin love, set on the highest card: Court Opera in Berlin. 19th July 1898 Emilka adopted the stage name Ema Destinnová a briefcase appeared in Mascagni's Cavalleria rusticana. That evening, the world discovered a new star.

It has so much meaning to calculate, with whom and where Ema performed and in what roles. World Emma lay at his feet as well as large crowds of admirers. A crucial key to success was her voice that did not decay. "Poutala on it a dark color, which makes soprano irritating, especially when the transition to the heights of natural and high tones sufficiently illuminated. A head tones eminem sounded like from the sky. At the same time, the whole range of easily leveled without noticeable divide registers and singing leaning on his breath, so the impression of ease. Perfect technique was used physically beautiful voice that was something ethereal and pure the more surprising dramatic expression when expressed passion, "he wrote once Václav Holzknecht.

In 1913 Ema reaped stellar success with works of Czech composers, especially Bedrich Smetana. Increasing pressure in the company was already noticeable. Unfortunately, unbridled energy found its realization in World War II. I always liked and eagerly returned home. Her relationship to his country was desperate to nostalgia. 21st April 1916 pressure did not last, ended the engagement in New York and despite numerous warnings sat on the direction of the ship home. There she waited for police machinery of monarchy, destroyed careers overseas and fateful place the rest of her life - Straz nad Nežárkou.

The war ended, the dream of a separate country became a reality. But the world has taken a new direction, someone would say maybe the dash for another war. The direction in which Ema had not located his place. Large and sovereign Ema got into bondage young people. Wrecked her hasty marriage to Joseph Halsbach.

Loneliness, unfulfilled love, disappointment of people lined the last stage of her life. Nobody cared for assistance, recognition and understanding. As long as you're happy, you will abound friends. Once darkness falls around you, stay alone. 28th January 1930 death came. The magnificent funeral in Prague was not for her, but for the bad conscience of society. Hardly him in her nature stood.

Author reports: František Laudát

Ema Destinnová - Vita Somnium Breve

Exhibition Venue: Gallery Towers, New Town Hall, after, Karlovo nám., 1/23, 120 00 Praha 2

Exhibition: daily except Monday, from 5th 11th 1 12th 2013 10.00 - 18.00

Authors: Francis Laudát, Martin reached the boiling

Admission under the entry tower. If due to inclement weather tower closed in November, admission free.

Source: tz

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