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Risk when buying a used car and how to avoid them

In the Czech Republic, a growing number of cars purchased in the bazaar. With the purchase of a used car but are joined by many pitfalls, which stands for most retailers attempt to maximize profits. At stake are not only finance or security, may also threaten the seizure. However, risks can be avoided. dTest prepared for buyers how to do it.

"On the one sold new car sales in the Czech Republic accounts for four of used cars. Growing interest, however, attracts a lot of entrepreneurs who are different, often illegal ways of trying to make the gullible and ignorant customer issues," explains Head of the Legal Advisory dtest Luke Green.

The most common tricks retailers tend to artificially increase the value of the car. "Adjusted speedometer has approximately 40 percent of the offered used cars, year of manufacture has forged about 20% of the cars," says Luke Green and adds: "There have been falsified documents to help legalize the sale and often poor quality vehicles stolen abroad. Owner buys such a car then you risk not only the purchase of low-quality cars, but also its possible seizure by the police. 'One of the other pitfalls are false rebates in financing the purchase of a car on credit. The fees for loan customers often pay more than the trader has compromised the price of the car.

May increase the risk often have their own buyer the contract of sale, when, instead of a thorough study of oral promises to be the seller. "Most of the risk associated with buying a used car can be avoided, it is necessary that the buyer purchase did not take lightly and pre-equipped with the necessary information, "says Luke Green.

Association dTest with this issue long been involved in a collaboration with Cebia a booklet "How to buy a used car," which clearly summarizes information about the risks and provides clear instructions on how to proceed. In printed form, you can request a brochure on the Hotline dtest 299,149,009, or it is available in an electronic version on / used car .

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