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Injuries to children in the household: Tips for a safer life

With the growth of your baby are getting longer list of dangerous places, where little fidget may cause unpleasant injury. Most accidents can be prevented by thorough prevention and creating a safe home environment.

The most common are falls

Up to 44% of all accidents in the home are caused by falls. For toddlers, the biggest danger fall off the edge of a table, bed or sofa. Over time, the child improves climbing and exploring in their climbs on very dangerous place, balcony, furniture or stairs. To reduce the risk of falls can do the following:
Make sure that the child can not fall off the changing table, crib, or other elevated surfaces.
The windows purchase a child lock.

Chairs and other furniture put away from windows and stairs.
Do not leave anything on the stairs, the child can easily slip.
If you have a handrail on the balcony or staircase, make it so that the youngsters could not crawl through.
Dangerous places (eg balcony) and lock your keys So keep.
Curtains and drapes should be short, so that the child can hang.
If your furniture has sharp edges, get security protection corners.

Children learn about the world through the mouth

Hence danger of suffocation and poisoning pets. Whether the studs, nuts, and small toys, always at risk of inhaling or swallowing. Especially in the kitchen or bathroom, children can try tasting cleaning or cosmetic products which are the most common causes of poisoning in the home. The solution?
All small items and unsuitable toys store in safe places.
Large plastic bags pose a risk, due to which the child can suffocate.
Also, any dangerous products out of reach of small fidget, and if possible, keep the lids secured with a child safety lock.
Never pour chemicals such as a bottle of drinking water or juice should always be in the original bottle.
Do not develop domestic flowers which may be toxic if ingested.

Burns and scalds

Children really love to play with matches, but the result of their investigation is sometimes disastrous. Therefore, rather carefully matches and lighters So keep before their eyes. Did you know that children's skin is more sensitive and hot water can scald it for 15 minutes after the cook? Therefore, rather all the cups and pots with hot contents keep away from the child. It is also often paid when the kitchen to create offspring of a forbidden zone, until a little grow up. A very common cause of scald is even too hot bathwater. Before bathing a child therefore first test the water temperature by immersing the elbow - if you find bearable temperature, the skin of your baby are safe.

Other risks

A separate chapter consists of glass in the home, which would at best be totally out of reach of the child. In the summer, was in danger of drowning in swimming pools.

Providing a safe home for your child is undoubtedly hard work which is of course worthwhile. Just a descendant of your life to take home some nice memories without tangible scars dangerous accidents.

Source: Healing

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