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As the birth of democracy in Burma?

For two years, ADRA helps build civil society in Burma. In a country where until recently ruled by an authoritarian military regime, has left his cell for two thousand political prisoners. People slowly discovering what it is to have the freedom of speech, or be able to associate with impunity. In October, visited the Czech director of ADRA Myanmar Brendon Irvine and the current situation in Burma spoke on Humanitarian Congress in Olomouc.

Irvine likened the current situation in Burma to the period of Czechoslovakia in 1990. "It is inspiring to see where your country for twenty years moved. I have a similar rebirth Burma will have to go through, "he said. The question of whether you really believe in Burma transformation succeeds, he replied: "You can not, although never one hundred percent predict what will happen, but I'd say those steps are secure and tight. The people are still seen to be vigilant and give out what they call. No wonder the military regime that ruled from 1962. "

How to building a democracy from scratch

ADRA Czech Republic in cooperation with ADRA Myanmar launched in early 2012, a new project aimed at supporting local non-governmental organizations, newly formed political parties and young people and students. Ti is in their hands the future of the country and it is up to them how seizes the opportunity. Young man Sa Shine comes from the Karen capital of Hpa An, where, is involved in supporting civil society. "NGOs we train, organize workshops, training sessions and meetings with representatives of political parties. They then continue to transmit knowledge among the residents. I still remain consultants, we do not want to be a mentor for local people to dictate what they should do. That they themselves must set up your system, and for the price that they make a mistake, "said Sa Shine.

Karen State, where activities are aimed Czech ADRA is a region that in recent decades suffered from a civil war between the Burmese army and rebel forces. The area has long been struggling with poverty and health problems of the population. I therefore here the transformation happens much more slowly. More than forty percent of them suffer from malnutrition, infants die of trivial disease. ADRA is here also active in the field of primary health care and education.

Efforts to hinder progress and other obstacles. For example, inadequate transfer of information. "In many rural areas, people do not know the internet at all, do not have access to the media," says Sa Shine. With the opening of the country is associated with the influx of foreign tourists, companies and multinational corporations. "We are used to living in closed communities with strong traditions and culture. Maybe with the economic progress we will also lose some of their own identity. Globalization is uncompromising, everyone is a little afraid, "says SaShine.

ADRA Myanmar and its effect

ADRA Myanmar is an organization that is well known in Burma. Operating in the country since 1985. Significant humanitarian assistance provided during the floods in 2008, when Cyclone Nargis struck. (Note left behind more than 143,000 dead and over 2.5 million people homeless. Most affected areas in the Irrawaddy Delta began an international network of ADRA immediately deliver humanitarian aid. More than 20 thousand people helped provide food, shelter, drinking water, medical treatment, and another 10,000 people received food assistance. ADRA Czech Republic during the first two months after the disaster food provided more than 1,400 families and then ensure the purchase of mosquito nets to more than 70,000 people. During the next two years helped ADRA Czech Republic within ADRA international network of cyclone victims with building homes and restoring livelihoods.)

"We have confidence in the government and local residents. Thanks to our tradition, we have a flood in 2008 can immediately get in, while many international organizations could not even get into the country, "says Brendon Irvine. ADRA Myanmar provides humanitarian assistance in disasters and sudden long supported the development of the country. For example, provide immediate access to medical assistance, especially in post-conflict zones southeast of Burma, and promote the education and development of livelihood.

The current director of ADRA Myanmar is not only a capable manager, but also an expert on agriculture. In addition to traditional humanitarian assistance to Burmese educates and teaches them the possibilities of sustainable agriculture.

What makes ADRA Myanmar

Czechs through ADRA contribute to the operation of 12 mobile health clinics. The ADRA Czech Republic went further immediate assistance during last year's floods. Much of the financial assistance also involved the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ADRA also implements human rights projects in Karen State since 2010. In January 2012, launched a new project aimed at promoting democracy and civil society development in Karen State and working on it with ADRA Myanmar. ADRA is working with local non-profit organizations, and six political parties participating in discussions, workshops and seminars in the field of human rights, project management, land rights and the protection of internally displaced persons. For local students organized a discussion evenings with socio-economic and political issues.

In particular, motivates young people to be active. Representatives of Burmese NGOs also taken in October this year a study tour to the Czech Republic. The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the Programme of Transformation cooperation.

Source: tz ADRA

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