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Autumn hiking: from Upper Austria to Southern Bohemia

Upper Austrian pastures in autumn are perfect for those who love hiking, but do not just senior tours. A well-developed network of hiking trails can offer and southern Bohemia.

The classic among pastures in the National Park Limestone Alps as Ebenforstalm middle of the mountains Reichraminger Hintergebirge. Or Gowilalm in Spital am Pyhrn, where you can relax in front of a stunning panorama of the Limestone Alps. Who after all then gets a taste for top-level hike, embarks on a 2,023 m high peak Kleiner Pyhrgas.

From Upper Austria to Southern Bohemia

In addition to Upper Austria's southern Bohemia can also offer a well-developed network of hiking trails: the Bohemian Forest to Novohradske and Pisek Mountains, along the rivers and around the city. Especially nice as several tour route Danube-Vltava. Based on Linz in Upper Austria and leads in several stages to Český Krumlov. This South Bohemian town boasts one of the most beautiful old towns in the Czech Republic, to explore the picturesque streets by a visitor had certainly done enough time.

Autumn hiking in the Tyrolean Pitztal

Also in the Pitztal valley came the fall. While family-oriented hikes and enthusiastic lovers of autumn outputs using 380 km of local hiking trails, skiers can no longer wait to get to his feet clipped skis. Pitztal can be both at the same time.

Walking path in the Pitztal valley spread out in the area with an altitude difference of 3,000 m. Pitztal offers a wide range of experiences from the mountains, from pristine mountain meadows up to the highest peak in Tyrol - Wildspitze. In the tourist areas around Hochzeiger awaits visitors over 100 km of hiking trails of various difficulty levels, Limbová forest in extremely high altitude and impressive views to the highest mountain in neighboring Germany, the Zugspitze.

Pitztal Glacier is an ideal starting point for mountain hiking to the top of Wildspitze, 3774 meters high, or Mittagskogel, 3162 meters high. From there, a spectacular view of the natural gem Rifflsee, which is perhaps the most beautiful alpine lake in the Alps. However, there can also ride a cable car. When the ride up, we can take a number of other nice hikes, such as the route Fuldské ridge road.

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