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Hazardous acid: harmful to teeth?

Oral cleaning is beneficial for teeth and protects them against dental caries. A clear sentence, in which we hardly find deceit. Morning and evening for beauty health - every child knows that dental care is needed. What he will tell you that there are situations where it's better to wait teeth cleaning?

Hectic times call for quick and effective solutions. Dinner and even to the last morsel in the mouth in a hurry to the bathroom and I had to be in bed? Or dopíjíte glass of wine, and the last lok already reaching for the toothbrush and toothpaste? Then believe me, do not do anything clever. The time lag between the consumption of certain foods with oral hygiene has a great impact on the health of your teeth.

Morning oral hygiene is an essential part of basic dental care, but the question of whether it performed before or after breakfast can hardly be clearly answered. Arguments for and against are worth considering. According to dentists, but not for a morning cleaning dental health as much essential as this evening. And here the answer is clear - a thorough teeth cleaning after your last meal. But be careful oral hygiene performed immediately after consuming food or beverages that contain acid, i need fruit is completely inappropriate.

The molten glass that forms the uppermost layer of the tooth and protects it from bacteria and against dental caries is highly sensitive to acids. And any. Thus, for example, acid and fruit. Specialist dental hygiene MDDr. Adam Sima, who works at the dental clinic Jan Stuchlík, explains the process as follows: "Due to the low pH is acid to dissolve the enamel and ions are released to the tooth surface. After about thirty minutes, the pH in the mouth has returned to normal, and the crystals on the enamel thanks ions restored. The problem occurs when I brush my teeth in that half hour. Along with bacteria and food debris is cleaned with even loose particles and crystals are then they have nothing to re-form. This occurs decalcification of the tooth enamel and destruction. "

In the event that therefore give juice, fruit wine, or the already mentioned, then to wait for a cleaning teeth 30 minutes. Prevent destruction of enamel and thus reduce the risk of tooth decay.

And how teeth really clean? Techniques are many. Each dental hygienist or dentist you with the correct technique brushing teeth happy to help you. It is important for oral care implement so as to get rid of all the teeth of plaque, which are covered. Plaque formation and shape of the teeth are not personalized, and it is therefore difficult to determine the exact technique which would generally be valid for each teeth. It is important to remember especially the mezizubí that needs to get rid of any food debris using dental floss and interdental brushes. Interdental spaces is the dirtiest place of the human body, and therefore - although do not see it - we must not forget to clean it!

If you want to check if the teeth are really clean, then you can grab special tablets. Simply chew a tablet for half a minute spit. Dental plaque is then colored and you'll know exactly what is needed-purified. Immediate control, you can also make a language that easily cross the accessible parts of the tooth. Clean tooth is perfectly smooth.

Author: MD. Jan Stuchlík expert uLékař
Dentist specializing in implantology, tissue regeneration and aesthetic dentistry. He holds several foreign qualifications among others DGI - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantology and a member of several professional societies (Czech Dental Chamber, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantology and others). As a physician, he worked at several private clinics, now has its own dental clinic.

Source: U lékař

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