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The Show Edith - Edith Piaf comes alive in Prague and Brno

The Show Edith - Edith Piaf comes alive in Prague and Brno Fifty years ago, died of a woman whose voice still excites and impresses audiences around the world ..

The turbulent life of Edith Piaf, who became immortal symbol of French chanson, the audience closer to fourth December in Prague Hybernia and 5 December at Brno Bobycentre unique narrative performance Edith The Show, in which the Queen will come to life through the French chanson singer Jil Aigrot, who gave a voice šansoniérce even globally successful film Edith Piaf (La Vie en Rose).

The American magazine Newsweek wrote at the time: "Marion Cotillard was given the remarkable rendition of Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose Oscar, but the film is yet another amazing performance that gives Edith's life, and your eyes of the author remained hidden: French singer Jil Aigrot ..." It is now the right time to reveal the secret: singer in an epic performance to accompany the Parisian quartet of musicians and ingeniously used screening series of contemporary images of Paris and especially themselves Edith Piaf. The first part of a two-part show us feel the atmosphere of Montmartre, a legendary bohemian district, whose vibrant daily and nightly life combines music, art and beauty of the demi-monde of alcohol, drugs and prostitutes, and whose attributes marked the life and song sparrow Paris. In the second part follows Edith in post-war time greatest glory, when at their concerts bursting at the seams Paris Olympia and many other European theaters.

L'Accordéoniste, La vie en rose, Hymne à l'amour, Padam ... Padam ... Milord, Non, je ne regrette rien - All these songs are jewels music of the 20th century and a cornerstone chanson tradition. Jil Aigrot Female Vocalist, which is in Prague and Brno Hybernia Bobycentre sing, appeared longtime friend and secretary Edith Piaf Gina Richer and recommended it to the director of the film La Vie en Rose (here placed under the name of Edith Piaf) and the he chose to sang vocals of the singer in the movie portrayed phenomenal Marion Cotillard, whose success started and the singer's career on a global scale.

At the birth of this epic show full of emotions that during a world tour sold out a theater auditorium and raises standing ovations, was very Jil Aigrot. Edith Piaf was for her since childhood thanks to her role model and also began to sing. The fact that one will formulate the icon of French chanson, she had never even dreamed of. "Our mission is to bring French music and personality of Edith Piaf younger generation," says producer Gil Maršall project.

Edith Piaf, whose real name Édith Giovanna Gassion, was born on 19 December 1915 as the daughter of a bar singer and street acrobat. parents did not care for it too, the street was a world of her childhood with all the pros and cons. One of her grandmothers brothel and led her to the employee along with Edith after her, it is said that he passed the pilgrimage, which makes the three-year Edith cured of blindness.

At fourteen, she joined the street performance of his father for the first time singing in front of an audience in public. Then work as a street singer in several districts in Paris. In 1935 she appeared in the district of Pigalle Louis Leplée, owner of the nightclub Le Gern near the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. It was first introduced to viewers as Môme Piaf (ie Abandoned vrabčátko, Small vrabčátko, Sparrow chick), was the inspiration for his short stature - measured only 142 cm. This nickname, as well as a stage name, Edith remained throughout his life and became for decades the symbol of Paris, France and chanson.

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