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Joint pain is a change in weather really relate!

Do you believe that people with arthritis can predict impending change in the weather? Or are you skeptical and consider similar claims for old wives' speech? Serious research is clear: artritici are particularly sensitive to the perception of the weather.

For all the barometric pressure

Among scientists, there is no one hundred percent consensus on the principle, which leads to a deterioration of the current state of health due to the weather. One of the most likely theory talks about changes in barometric pressure. What is it?
Barometric pressure is also otherwise known as atmospheric.
It is equal to the mass of air in the atmosphere that surrounds us.
It works every time on objects and people.
The pressure measured by a barometer.
Is particularly important for weather forecasting, tracking is a variation of the velocity of change.

The first signs

The pressure on our body works as follows: Imagine tissues surrounding joints like balloons. High barometric pressure pushes externally on the body and prevents "přifouknutí" tissue. Unfortunately, however, before worsening weather this quantity decreases. Tissues because readily enters into a resulting joint pain felt before the first raindrop falls.

As the pain

Do you feel that "changes the queue" and your problems are increasing? Try to relieve themselves by following these tips:
Stay warm. Thoroughly dress, give priority layering. Heat aching joints.
Avoid sweating. Warmth helps the pain, excessive sweating may thwart the entire result.
Move it. Before leaving the warmth of home, practice aching joints. Improve their momentum.
Think positive. With humor everything goes better, please let depression and irritation of the vale. Every day delight least little things.
Increase the dose of painkillers. Identified at each other safely change the weather? Do not worry (by arrangement with the doctor) temporarily increased doses of analgesics used.

I live with arthritis may be tolerable. Look on the bright side - around your home has a reliable "weather girl", and do not forget the right time to take the road to work umbrella.

Source: Rheumatic

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