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Sleeping with an infant in the same bed: how much is (un) safe?

Although not all experts agree, using results of infants sleeping in the same bed with their parents to five times higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome than their peers in the cot. Nevertheless, a number of mothers of young children in their cribs does not.

Mother's love and tiredness can kill

The reasons why many mothers choose at least sometimes, your baby lay next to each other in the marriage bed are obvious. In addition to feeling close and building a stronger relationship with the child chooses this practice many women, even when the night has to get up several times to her tiny suckled. Just be accompanied by a child in their own bed to breast and devote themselves so much longed sleep.

Many experts, most recently, the British Ministry of Health and Social Security, cautioned that despite all these worthy causes for common sleeping parents and small children far outweigh the negatives. Infants because it can be literally in bed adult life. In addition, a regular sleeping with an infant negative impact on the affiliate relationship to his parents, who often come to the last private refuge to them after the birth of a child had left.

Unnecessary tragedy?

Sudden infant death syndrome each year in the Czech Republic the lives of approximately 25 babies. The cause of death is not known, but the risk of this syndrome is higher in premature babies or children of smoking mothers and mothers addicted to drugs or alcohol. British officials have now released a warning under which this syndrome threatens even the most diligent mothers of children, ie those with their children want to spend literally every minute and do not want to put it down, even at night. According to a new study by nearly 90 per cent of infants affected by Brugada syndrome while lying in bed with their parents, they would not die if at the same time were stored in their own crib.

Bet on the maternal instinct

While warning against the common arguments sleeping with infants are strong, they also have their opponents. According to some psychologists claim creates a breastfeeding mother about her child in her sleep levees and danger that lay on it, for example. This instinct is said to own but currently only lactating women, and it lacks fathers, so the child never should lie between the two partners, but only just on the side of women.

Anyway, whether it is for their mutual beneficial relationship, or not co-sleeping mothers and infants raises too many questions on that could be considered absolutely safe. That is why many women claim that although breastfeeding at night are falling from fatigue, never forget your baby after feeding defer to his own bed.

Source: U Lékař

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