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St. Martin's Wine & sv. Martin of Tours

St. Martin's Wine & sv. Martin of Tours Today, 11th November open 11 hours ninth St Martin's first bottle of wine. This stringent assessment underwent a total of 116 wineries with 356 wines, winemakers and supply on the market circa 2 million bottles of St. Martin's wines.

With the increasing popularity of St. Martin's Wine of the public, is also growing interest in small winemakers the opportunity to sell young wine under the brand Svatomartinské. While most large wine companies are added to the renewed tradition of the early years of its modern existence, in recent years there is increasing especially smaller wineries. Malovinaři best of this year's 116 wineries participating in the project will Svatomartinské nearly half (57).

"Small winemakers supply mainly restaurants, hotels, wine shops and their regular customers, and so is their production often booked even before the nalahvuje or sold shortly after 11.11," explains Mr. Marek Babisz, chief sommelier of the National Wine Centre and organizer St. Martin's wine ratings, why are most visible on the shelves of major wine producers, although increasing especially among SMEs.

Traditionally, white wine will nejzastoupenějším Müller Thurgau with 94 wines, as well as nutmeg Moravian 41 and 22 Veltlínských red early. Rosé winemakers give the most Saint Laurent with 67 wines, while the Blue Portugal will be 15 This year's novelty Zweigelt rosé will go on the market in the form of 21 wines. For red wines, the St. Lawrence and Blue Portugal swap roles. Red Svatovavřineckých will be 23, 60 Blue Portugal Representatives Cuvée or a mixture of several varieties of the 13th

The ceremonial opening of the first St. Martin's wines takes place in dozens, if not hundreds, of events throughout the Czech Republic. "Most St. Martin's wines in one place, visitors will have the opportunity to taste again at Freedom Square in Brno, where the Wine Fund organizes traditional St. Martin's tasting. This year promises playful wine with pleasant acidity, so it will be again a few thousand participating members and visitors Moravian metropolis throughout the day to taste, "says celebration for all fans of Moravian and Czech wines Mr. Jaroslav Machovec, director of the Wine Fund, which is the initiator of the renewed tradition of St. Martin wines. At the Brno Freedom Square during celebrations will also feature particularly small and medium-sized tenants, of which 16 will be in place from the 18th

There is a young wine as a young wine

Not every young wine can be a wine Svatomartinským. They were subject to very strict criteria for quality. St. Martin's wine bottle must be provided with the logo of St. Martin in the form of Martina riding on the label of a single flap with the inscription Svatomartinské 2013 on the neck of the bottle.

Manufacturers valves are permitted to issue individual producers St. Martin's wines only so many valves, how much corresponds to the amount produced by St. Martin's wine. Wine Fund as a brand owner and the Saint Martin's wine list, who, and how many St. Martin's wines on the market.

Brand "St. Martin" was registered in 1995 and since 2005 has been the owner of the Wine Fund. That this year for the ninth time in conjunction with the National Wine Centre organizes the promotion of these wines under a single logo. The brand "St. Martin" is available to all registered winemakers in the Czech Republic, who meet all required criteria.

Saint Martin of Tours - The Life and Legends

Holy Names Martin's liturgical calendar a few, but one whose feast we celebrate the 11th November and which is connected to svatomartinským posvícením is sv. Martin of Tours.

He was born around 316 in the Pannonian Sabaria (today Szombathely in Hungary), the son of an army officer of the Roman Empire, who in 15 years directed a military career. In the 18 years passed Martin oath of allegiance to the Roman Empire, but later left the army. He was baptized and chose to live in seclusion as Egyptian hermits. With the help of Bishop Hilaria founded around the year 361 in LIGUGE Monastery (8 km others from Poitiers), became a priest and his pupils in the surrounding villages spread the word and deed of Christianity. After the death of Bishop Hilaria became his successor at Tours and resumed pastoral work in his diocese. He founded monasteries and parishes as well, including a monastery near Marmoutier near Tours, which later became an important cultural center. Bishop Martin died in a pastoral journeys in Candes the age of 81, and the 8th November 397 He was buried about three days later, so his feast is celebrated on the 11th November.

The importance of sv. Martin of Tours evidenced by the fact that his name appears in the title of 4603 churches and chapels throughout the world (only in the Czech Republic there are 145).

The legends associated with St. Martin

St. Martin and the Beggar
The most famous, the most moving and the arts Most Popular story about Martin attaches to his work in the military. One frosty winter night Martin rode on horseback to the military camp in Amiens in Gaul (present-day territory of France). At the city gates he addressed the needy beggar clothed (some versions say that he was naked), who begged for alms. By Martin himself had anything to him gifted, and thus divided his officer's sword sheath and a half gave the poor man, who was shivering with cold. According to legend, then at night in a dream he saw Jesus, clothed half of Martin's cloak. It reminds one of the main commandments of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible: "Whatever you did for one of my brethren, you did it to me."

St. Martin and geese

St. personal attribute. Martin's goose, which is also an integral part of St. Martin's receptions. According to legend, said Martin was reluctant to accept the episcopal office, so he hid in a flock of geese. But they told him their honking, so he had to accept the honor.

St. Martin on a white horse
Czech folk sayings says Martin arrives on a white horse. This indicates that the feast of St. Martina often attacked overnight snow. Of observed climate phenomenon linked to the people of a saint, often displayed on horseback, and this is such a poetic idea.

Source: tz Svatomartinské

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