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Help people affected by the typhoon in the Philippines Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan hit on Friday 8 Philippines in November and estimated left behind millions of people without a roof over his head. ADRA international network of organizations closely monitors the situation on the ground. To help engage even ADRA Czech Republic, which from its emergency fund released 100,000 crowns and opened a public collection account number 41594159/0300 vs 395

Typhoon Haiyan is considered to be the strongest cyclone ever to hit the mainland. According to the Red Cross in the Philippines has yet claimed 10,000 victims. Number is not final and is still increasing.

Most affected areas are left without electricity and do not work or mobile networks and internet. The total number of victims and the amount of damages will be determined when the typhoon left the country. Moises Musico, project manager for ADRA Philippines, which is on the island Bohula confirms that the effects of the typhoon are enormous: "The damage that we see around us are enormous. At this moment we are not able to quantify. The country is paralyzed. "

He added that Philippine authorities had evacuated more than a million people in 29 provinces. Residents living near the coast or along rivers temporarily moved to the foot of the mountains to escape the flooding that accompanies a typhoon. When threatened, according to the government found itself more than 12 million inhabitants. It appears, however, that the disaster has touched almost 18 million inhabitants. The worst affected areas are Visajské archipelago.

ADRA Philippines has helped in the past

ADRA international network of organizations providing immediate humanitarian assistance in emergencies, such as floods, earthquakes or tsunami, has more than 60 years. ADRA is involved in overseas aid by 1992. In 2012, Czechs contributed through ADRA 5000 USD to help after Cyclone Washi, which hit the Earth Philippines in December 2011.

The course of destruction typhoon Haiyan

8th Haiyan 11th typhoon struck the Philippines. The wind reached speeds of 314 kilometers per hour, with gusts to 379 kilometers per hour. The cyclone devastated the southern tip of the island of Samar, then moved to the islands of Leyte and Cebu, which are popular with tourists. The storm was accompanied by five to šestimetrovými waves and driving rain, which caused flooding and subsequent landslides.

9th About 13 hours on the 11th typhoon weakened and was replaced by thunderstorms and heavy rain. Now the cyclone intensified again and heading to the coast of Vietnam. Forecasters expect the strike on Sunday.

Impacts of the Philippines

Currently does not work on many islands of the archipelago Visajského internet and mobile network collapsed. Communication is very poor, most of the mobile transmitter is damaged. Seaports and airports are still closed and domestic flights and some international flights are canceled. The main road block between fallen trees and debris of houses piled corpses population. Much of the infrastructure is destroyed, damaged or completely devastated both private and public buildings. In particular, coastal areas troubled by flash floods and landslides.

News: How ADRA helps?

Since last week, on the island of Bohol ADRA's emergency coordinator, which distributed food aid after the October earthquake. ADRA communicates with local and international partners, local government, UN agencies and others to launch a survey in three highly affected areas - Bohol, Cebu and Iloilo north. At this point it is necessary to provide temporary shelter in tents, food, drinking water and basic hygiene products. Three teams in which they work, volunteers and staff of the local association, will focus on sites that are not supported by other NGOs. ADRA is also planning to distribute packages to families that will contain 20 liter tank for water, soap, toothpaste and towels. It will also need to build a large number of showers and latrines.

Source: tz ADRA

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